Tuesday, 30 June 2009

End 'obesity science'

What is the point of obesity science? Studying metabolism, the holistic definition- as well as the partial one of pure energy intake and expenditure, is to me not only valid, but exciting and interesting. As it is intertwined with all our needs physical and mental, it's an area which if mastered as potential to be an alternative route to adjusting the way our bodies and minds function.

That means mental as well as physical health. It has great potential to be drug free as they seem to be too crude to induce the subtle alterations required. It's like meditating to calm your nervous system down, you can use pills to do the same thing, however it makes more sense to reduce the stimulus, rather than try to drug the effects.

The problem of obesity is its segregation of weight and metabolic function on the basis of what only really works as a social categorisation. You can see that someone is fat, or chubby, slim or thin just by looking at them in the main.

But when studying function, that makes far less sense. Fat is not a body type it's a size, nor is it even a function as such, various metabolic types and levels of function are represented among all weights more than across, you can actually see this.

Though I'm sure it's the case that certain body types find it harder to remain slim/fat than others, so there's likely to be a different spread of within categories, if you really want to understand the biology of weight properly, you have to study all weights together.

Or else you end up getting in your own way. Your likely to come to conclusions about say fatness, that may be just as prevalent in thinness, whilst you ignore that and compare it with slimness.

Siphoning off fatness seems like the action of those who are not serious about that and are more interested in following through on a pre-destined assertion. That may be okay for an experiment, not a whole body or field.

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