Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cigarettes? Bodies? Unalike

A word to the soon to be wised up. I've said this before, but it bears repeating, the human body is not a habit, a substance or a tic.

It is a living and sentient organism, an animal creature. Incomparable with booze, smokes and drugs. Got that?

A cigarette doesn't have a central nervous system.

Alcohol doesn't acquire blood vessels and muscles that grow, attach and bind to it, yes?

That makes all these things, not your body, not of your body, merely things you ingest into your body.

And no, fatness is not a sign of mental illness/compromise, if you feel it is, be sure to show the overabundance of fat people in mental institutions, prisons, in the emergency wards with bloody injuries etc, because that is where the mentally compromised tend to end up disproportionately.

Sanity cannot become a mental illness, to hide your contempt behind.

Mental illness is a dysfunction of the mind, not stuff you don't like. You are not Sigmund Freud because you don't like a fat arse. Stimmt?

The fact that smoking is seen in a bad light, has no bearing on the value of fat bodies, full stop. Cigarettes are not comparable to my body. They do not have the status of a human body, of any kind.

Got it?

I'm sorry if smokers feel personally attacked, but the fact that you are for doing something as opposed to being, to existing, has no bearing on the fact that I am my body. Focus your complaints on those who have wronged you if you wish, plead/insist on more tolerance, say you are as mad as hell and are not going to take disrespect of you as people, by all means. If you choose not to, you do not set my standard, it is not your special duty to tell me the value of my body, or the worth of my existence, or that of any other fat person. End of.

I hope that's clarified.

Cease to turn my body into an inanimate object thanks; and I won't have to (keep) say(ing) this again.