Friday, 27 August 2010

We are soooo biased

Just caught this thoughtful and reasoned assessment of fat acceptance. It's written by a person brave enough to see both sides and is balanced and judicious, study it carefully because it shows us in FA what we should be aiming for.

OK, not really, but this is the kind of thing that is categorised as this among 'right thinking people'. Well good luck to them, I'm happy to not bother with role playing judicious reason if that means equating falsehood of the crisis with skeptical enquiry from a point of view of experience and observation. I don't say we in FA get it right, we don't, but the overwhelming majority of our false conclusions are based on the obesity crisis premises and we are not immune to the wrongness that comes out of this.

When you come from the view that the 'extreme' of fat acceptance is presented as having the same right or expectation of self esteem as a person who hasn't had theirs systematically pounded out of them. It is unlikely that you will overcome that tin ear when it comes to making false equivalencies between the 'sides'.

We require this kind of ASSistance because as ever, we are in grave and mortal danger of alienating support, yes that's right. If it wasn't for the projection of fat haters belief in their own mythical invincibility on to us-because we could only possibly be a straight reversal of whatever it is they 'think'-people would flock to support us.

We are of course we are in total control of other people's conscious and wilful decision to indulge in fat hating. Something they know to be wrong and being mostly good people are therefore in denial about. And thus they must keep trying to pretend we forced them into it, in ways that if are convincing to them make them deserving only of our pity.

Let's state something for the record, those who find it politique pretend that the fat people they know oh, so well are suddenly not of this earth and represent pure eval are the ones that have alienated themselves from us, their choice. We fatties have been chasing them for donkey's years saying "yes we are being superbad, but we are trying oh, so hard to be good, please like us please et al."

Only when we burned out or came to our senses, thinking that we'd at least earned a hearing-if we did not deserve the same we gave so freely without counting the cost-that the 'relationship' we thought we were engaged in with those we sought to appease; was almost wholly one-sided and unrequited on our part.

Like the friend you always have to call and when you don't, frendship over, we have been rudely awakened to the fact that the care was all on our side. We are regularly told we are dying and we can only save ourselves by means that don't work and often make things worse to boot, we have been told that this is our fault, we suicidal addicts and why do we want clothes to wear etc.,

It is we who have been abandonned and left high and dry to sort ourselves out as best we can. And we only found out because of the need to rescue ourselves.

And no, we do not claim fat people do not get sick or perish.

I've never heard of a fat person, on being told they are ill saying referring to their weight as a reason why they simply cannot be unwell. Whereas according to quite a few med professionals, "What!? I'm slim", is one of the more recent top responses from slim people in the same position. In fact, how many times do we hear the travails of someone who has some ailment and claims to 'live right' and be at a 'healthy weight' so it's been all the more harder for them to accept they are perhaps mortal after all?

And after that there's this, vileness;
The thin die early in every case. Looks like there is some justice after all.

Sorry, what?!! Justice is people dying before their time? What a shitty thing to say, or even feel. Presumably this is supposed to be a sentiment we should respond to.

I'm not one for endlessly sounding apologetic about FA, but not in our name. We tend to leave death wishing to fat haters.

He ends even better than he began.
Just because there is no quick fix to being overweight gay (we’d all be mid-range straight if there was) and crash dieting ex-gay is dangerous and ultimately self-defeating, giving up isn’t the answer.
Liberties taken, my own.

Better still.
The answer isn’t easy – but what answer worth discovering is?

Ha, ha, you see he's admitted (deliberate choice of term) that the truth is to be discovered. As usual, we somehow have to carry the can for those scientists and researchers health promotionists etc., who cannot get over the fact that their big guess is a bust, when put into action and have decided it's not worth the effort and they're going to continue to have a massive sulk and insist that, "IT WORKS"

)))stamps feet(((


Covers ears singing "la, la, la, I can't hear you!" Tell them, not us. Having studied human metabolism, personally and observed it in others, I'm perfectly sure learning more increases knowledge, if you wish to find it, which the obesity industry clearly doesn't.

They are the one's who've truly "given up", because everything they could possibly want is how it is now progress through knowledge would only undo that.

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  1. Researchers aren't ever going to find anything out about obesity because they aren't really looking. They come up with theories and then look for whatever will prove those theories and anything that disproves those theories must be a mistake and is disregarded.
    They've known for more than 50 years that diets don't work for the majority of people, but that doesn't stop them from recommending diets, nor does it stop them from coming up with new diet pills that don't work and have horrendous side effects.
    This crap of everyone has to fit some cookie-cutter mold needs to stop. There's a reason for a wide variety of body types and it's a huge mistake to mess with that - that's the road to extinction for humankind if we don't wise up.