Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More and less

I ask myself, could I eat less?

The answer is yes. That's followed, at some point, by eating more to make up for that. Eating less than you need creates a need for more than you need at a future point. Your body is waiting to make that up. Some bodies are better at this than others. Those that are less good will be seen as 'successes'.

It's not moral, it's just imbalance. Staving off the re balancing effort your body will likely make is not moral either.

As I'm supposed to represent greed, how about thinking about more rather than less? Think more. Listen more. Challenge shibboleths, more. Question (all) authority more.

Believe in people more.

Know yourself more. Like and appreciate yourself more. What's great about you, sitting there inside you right now, allow it, more.

As for eating, it is sometimes said we eat with our senses and our minds too.

There are those who wish to deprive you of agency, will and love of life. To control your every thought. Try to swerve internalizing that more.

Take a lot less of what they're dealing.

Swallow less mindless obedience, leave room for your mind to work as freely as you can, its yours and it is there for you, not them.

Don't starve on the self love either. Allow it to fill you up with goodness, all that you need no more and no less.

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