Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bulldog, greyhound

Talking about elephants and zebras or bulldogs and greyhounds, in terms of weight. Some of us are bigger and some smaller physically. Yes, but that is not the whole of why some of us are or become fat or thin, nor does it matter, but the issue of lack of alternative is important.

Now I know that such is the extent of investment in WLD, that it dies very hard indeed, harder than Bruce Willis it seems. But when it is said, diet's don't work, that's it. Yes, that means those in FA especially who say, " I can lose 20, 50 100lbs even at the drop of the hat, so I feel bad about saying ddw, because they do for me!"

Let me ask you a question. Are you fat? Yes, well, then it hasn't worked for you, your failure is just less acute and that's to do with body variance. What about those people who say, "diets work, look at the example of this or that person". Again, are you fat? Yes, then they've not worked for you. What about those folks who say, "I've lost x pounds" really? Has that made the obesity rate go down? No, then really, who cares?

Let's get away from the idea that the problem with diets is fat people just can't believe they could ever achieve semi starvation. I never doubted the underlying principle of diets, which is restricting calories to use up stored energy. I've said, the issue is not that, but the defenses that provokes.

It's like, the problem is not jumping off the building, so much as that gravity will act to make sure you land at speed. Which leads us to say, we cannot fly. I could say we can jump, or I could say, we can get into an aircraft, but I'd be laughed out of town, rightly so.

Since when does anything but quackery depend on belief? I'm not sure whether I 'believed' in kiddie aspirin-I didn't know any better- when it was first given. I'm thinking it worked or not regardless. Something that works, works, whether you believe in  it or not, or belief is the active ingredient.

But even if dieting did work, so what? Why would it have to be the only way to do things? Imagine if we demanded that everyone eats nuts because look they work for X, or everyone should take penicillin because it cured Y? Yes, that's nice for X/Y, but if I have a problem with nuts/penicillin, what does that have to do with me?

There are all the varieties of product under the sun for everything possible, no matter how unnecessary, but suddenly a supposed life or death matter must have only one solution that works for everyone. Right. Like God.

Until we have something to alter our weight, the greyhound/bulldog analogy can be used to explain variety, but not fatness in itself, if you are a fat greyhound or a fat bulldog, you are not fat because you are either.

If you're 300 lbs and couldn't get below 190, whilst exercising 4 hours a day on a starvation diet. This is not because you were or were not made to be fat, it's because you were not made to diet. What you are describing is the cul de sac effect of your metabolism responding to your own attempt at metabolic adjustment.

It doesn't mean you're not a Great Dane, it doesn't mean you are either. We can see some people are very big and tall, or small with big feet and hands, but we can still see whether they are fat or not-even though some look fatter than others, overall.

I have never looked as fat as I am, some don't, it's something to do with the way you're put together. What I'm saying is, the failure of dieting, does not indicate what you are meant to weigh, if even that's the right way of looking at it. It doesn't matter, but I think that the reasons for being fat and why we are fatter today are more than pre-determination.

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