Saturday, 13 November 2010

Choice or not, no excuse

Shoshie makes a good point about excusing fat hate on the grounds of fatness being a choice being a bad faith argument. It makes me laugh now that people are saying discriminating on the grounds of race is beyond logic, as if that stopped it. As if discrimination is rational. 

And they don't get that point at all, it doesn't matter whether you 'choose' to be fat or not, hating fat people treating us like second class citizens is morally wrong and cannot be justified on any grounds of reason whatsoever.

The extent to which people are seeking to justify what they claim is right is truly pathetic. If its right to hate, don't justify just keep hating and don't complain when others hate you for some reason similarly (un)justified.

After all, anyone can say x or y state /stance/ behaviour is a choice, I'm now allowed to hate you.

The whole idea of fatness as a choice doesn't really hang together. Eating is said to be fully consciously decided, if so, why diet? Why not just stop deciding to eat things at source, rather than choosing and then interrupting that after the fact? Why have a plan to eat, when it is your elective and conscious choice in the first place.

Weight in general would be a totally different business, people wouldn't die from being thin. Being unable to keep on enough weight to allow their bodies to survive.

Its hard to see anorexia existing either. Starvation wouldn't develop into a momentum of its own which is really what anorexia is when you get down to it. Calorie restriction out of control, that would not happen if that was all a switching on and off of will.

When we think of choice we tend to go by the definition of cool elective choice from more than one option. Fatness is not much like that in the main.

Indirect choice is another matter. Choosing certain things and other things coming as a result of it, now that's another story.

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