Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Leaving the children out of it

If you think about the times when weight change is most predictable overall, changing balance of hormones often has a palpable influence.

As hormones act on the nervous system, I wonder whether that is a key link with emotional and stress triggers which go through that system, by that affect the endocrinal glands especially.

I get this sense from my own body and others that too many overwhelming emotions can seem to pressure even ‘swell’ the nerves, due to the volume of messages flowing through them. I wonder how much this has in common with other times when the nervous system has extra demands on it, such as in periods of growth.

That's what was so funny about those who fancy themselves to be experts on 'obesity' telling us that it seems fatness creates inflammation in the body. It would be too cute if there was some kind of connection, or overlap.

There is a difference between extra messages swelling its carrier and chemicals released which cause swelling through irritation. As we know stretching can sensitize too. Thing is, it could be one then the other (sometimes) and so on. Not forgetting the extra tissue that can accrue with a cluster of fat tissue to increase the messages due to that growth.

I could ask if there is a connection, if there could be a separation, but experts rarely answer those sorts of questions. You aren't supposed/allowed to ask them, even if they could actually answer. Your supposed to play as dumb as your 'diagnosis'.

The overall point I'm making is the possibility should be allowed for, that this is merely observing how fatness tends to occur, rather than an opportunity to mis-use adult authority over children. We have not shown a reversal of child weight, in various interventions.

Wave after wave of certain processes; can affect your physical predilections and underpinnings more. A bit like as we age, we are more likely to plump up over time, putting it simply, the waves of life breech thinness, it happens for some earlier than others. For some not at all, because they've either always been fat or never so.

Even if he's right, do you know what? Manipulating input and output, sucks big time. Look at the hate fuelled politics of bullying it has lead to, its ugly vile and mean and has cheapened the worth of people before our eyes. Just because it’s not happening to the real people, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.......... to people.

I wouldn't care if forcing children to diet 'works' because the end doesn't justify the means.

So leave the children alone and find something humane and effective that is the direction modern societies are moving in. Punishing the youngest of people for existing does not go with progressive innovation and imagination. What the societies of the future will major in.

Any reverser of weight or anything else must go in that direction or drag us back to an authoritarian past in another guise. Do people really choose to read books on the basis of how many calories they use up doing so, rather than what the text means to them?  How degrading would that be of experience? Endlessly direct your body to burn calories, rather than participate willingly is a sure recipe for burnout. The younger you start, the sooner it happens.

Allow children to be brought up to be encouraged to choose their activities on the basis of their own desires and yes trying new things in the face of reluctance, but not to shape their acceptability or existence, unless they choose it.

Children need to be allowed to develop a sense of their own physical boundaries.

As a young fat child, your boundaries are often infringed mentally and physically, your body objectified and pointed out and at. Your are repeatedly devalued and encouraged to devalue yourself, thereby sticking you with a sense of guilt about your own self betrayal.

I’m sorry if this is at all disturbing or disgusting, but I’m fed up of the silence about what we’ve had to put up with and the effects on us. And in many respects, adults of today had it better.

I actually feel hurt inside to imagine what some children are going through now.

Try to understand this is not the way to go for any of us, regardless of age. If you wish to reverse weight or prevent fatness, you must find holistic and gentle and effective ways to achieve this. Allow children to express their physical natures in keeping with their own inner rhythms and desires. Let's build upon this to teach them more. Let's not mess them up in on the roulette wheel of diet fail. If we failed on this, sticking it children is not an option. They can't cover for this failure either, nor should they be asked to.

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