Friday, 12 November 2010

Hate costs

 A pathetic convention  fuelled by the desire to justify what people have already decided to feel.


Some may fool themselves on that, but at a cost we are all paying. The cost of obesity is the cost of being suckered by the crusade, you get what you pay for. I for one have no intention of taking any more of the bill than I have already.

Note costs are somethng that can be easily manipulated by those dealing this propaganda. Prescribing expensive butchery and its often expensive aftermath-physical, mental and financial for its victims-drugs and other 'treatments' clearly working to lower the rate of obesity (nope) and maximising profits for those who are in charge of propaganda and prescribing. Before anyone accuses fat people of draining the health care system follow the cash, it's not going into our bank accounts.

Nice work if you can create it and are conscience lite. Unlike stigmatized drug users who they may have borrowed this 'accusatory cost' technique from, they stay away from social costs, it's not so easy to throw more fat people in jail, take away more of their children for proper abuse (not the fake one of not starving your children), into mental health facilities or illicit drug use/addiction rehab centres etc., and all the other costs fat people don't seem to major in. Which is interesting, given that we are supposed to be so unwell, that it should be causing ripples elsewhere.

Do you hear endless griping about the costs of thin? I'm probably the only fatty around mean enough to point that out! And even I couldn't care less, what do I care to divide people by weight and whine about what they're costing moi? I'd be embarrassed to run myself so wrongly.

But you know what this 'debate' tends to miss? The personal, financial and social costs to fat people of this wretched crusade. I can say being 'obese' and by that I mean internalizing the obesity mandate, has cost many of us dearly in many things of value.

I’m not just talking of the haut morality of our fat hating 'betters' who tell us happily they would see us die in agony for the possibility of saving themselves pennies, no, I mean things that people who value life and being able to do your best for yourself and those around you.

I have been able to contribute less, because I was less in every way but the most important to the moral giants du nos jour, weight. And when I finally had enough sense to wake up, it's sometimes been taxing to disentangle myself from too. Made more so by the intransigent surround of fat hating. I have had to deal with the consequences, using only my own inner resources.

Not one penny have we received for this and we're still expected to pay for the policies of hatred as always, even though we don’t agree with them one little bit. I don’t whine endlessly to haters because ultimately, I have to take the reins on that one, I should have known better, mea culpa.

And that is exactly how haters should feel, they’ve got exactly what they've been trained to want, what they've put first above all else, us harrassed, hated and ridiculed. I doubt they are paying financially for it, but I wouldn't mind if they were they deserve the bill for their own nastiness. We've had to pay our own, why should we care any more about their possibly mythical payments, anymore than they care about our actual ones? I have absolutely no idea why they think that has to come for free it's all for the haters, it's all about them it's not serving fat people, better get brave on the phobia if its too dear chère. If you are not prepared to pay, are you really sure you want to have the e-meaushun?

When you lead with hate you are not leading with health, effectiveness or anything, but hate, if it's not effective that's because you didn't lead with effectiveness silly, the truth will out.

That has been a general consensus, hate first, second and third, deny it if you want but we have been told times without number "We want you to feel bad about being fat,  we want it to cost you peace of mind, self respect, anything and everything" and so on.

And whilst you're at it, take a good look at where everyone's money is actually going and look into what they are prepared to do to fat people. That’s what you are up against, so get wise, or they will bleed you dry , how else do you think they could have taken the health system for all they have, when the authorities whine on about limiting costs? They've managed to do this to a group that are despised as a group of 'self inflicters' protecting their source in case it becomes too much and we can all be taxed. They are not taxing fat people, they are taxing everyone, especially those on low incomes. That has nothing to do with being compassionate towards me or any other fat person.

It's to do with deciding whether haters hate fat people enough to be potentially drained dry and suckered. IOW, if you want to hate fat people you must understand you are foregoing some self respect. Again, that isn't so evident relative to what we are dealt but that doesn't change the fact of it though, it only obscures it.

How many times, you are being played.

Presumably, haters think 'thin privilege' will save them, maybe they think obesity operators really respect them and wouldn't treat them so mean "They'll call me, they won't just hump and go....." they only mishandle fatz right?

Think again, because the clock is ticking.

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