Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hate maketh the mark

Reading this *warning contains usual obesity tripe. I was nevertheless struck by an unusual kind of admission from the fatphobe meatpuppet contingent;

For all that it is a modern plague, as well as a ticking time-bomb, a drain on the health service and a chastening metaphor for western greed, a lot of people would miss obesity.

Well even vomit usually has some nice carrotey bits in it.

It could have been better, I once admired Ms Bennett but she appears to have petered out along the way, sadly. This indicates how everything is there to elucidate an interesting get out of hate card for committed fat phobes, that doesn't require any compassion. ZOMG, we are being suckered now, not just the fatties.

You may have missed that bit because it's not referred to directly, it is the usual fat people as human shield. We PBF's (poor, benighted, fatties) are being exploited; made so miserable that we are fleeced by those who market ineffective and punitive "cures" for fatness, oh yes.

But so are haters and worse still rather than either deciding to stop to the hate, because it's too expensive they prefer to keep paying so they can justify sticking fat people with the bill! Suggesting of course that everyone knows at some level we aren't costing enough to match orthodoxies about our supposed costliness.

There is no point in critiquing the spending of National Health Service funds, paid for by direct taxation, being funnelled directly to some diet pirate- an ex merchant banker no less, (the term linked to means-someone who is prone to pleasuring themselves, excessively) but I'm digressing- because just reading it as is does a job I can't improve on right now.

It is still shocking how easy it is to get money for old rope, moth eaten useless rope at that. When all is said and done, this money could have been so much better spent, it actually hurts that it has come to this with the collusion and enabler that is the desire to hate. Making thin people exempt from this removes what little incentive the burden of the costs of hate could be, leaving them free to hate as they see fit. Giving direct incentive for them to hate harder and harder and for the authorities to continue to wind them up.

The thought, chills.

Usually it is caring too much that is associated with laying yourself open to life threatening suckerdom. This is a salutary lesson in hatred picking everyone's pocket.

What a lot of people don't get about the underlying disappointment of people's investment in this fat phobia, is not just how much it hurts, but that people wish to continue with -isms to the extent of replacing them with new opportunities, like this current age of lipophobia.

I wonder if it's possible to do an index of just how much waste is caused by our many hatreds.

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