Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Carrying no weight

The question is, why do our voices lack credibility? Referring especially to the fact that when we say certain things, for instance that eating a lot, is no more the cause of one's fatness than it is the cause of thinness-it appears drained of meaning or gains no purchase on the general conversation about weight and fatness.

Our statements have no respect, ironically, they carry no weight. It is as if only thin people speak or count in any way. The fantasy of being thin=fantasy of being fat, same reasons. When you wish to work toward a goal, anything that requires dedication, you have to suspend your disbelief, about more immediate results, in order to continue, to see it through to your hoped for conclusion.

This lie became the experience of being fat.

In that time of suspended disbelief, things changed around us. We were no longer seen as making an effort, this became accepted, demanded. And that acquired a permanence. It came to replace the actual truth. Now we are stuck with trying to feel at ease with the facts we saw but didn't see

It feels inauthentic and new to us in many ways, even though we know it isn't. More so to everyone else and they have the momentum to assert their code and impose it on us-as if we never happened.

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