Thursday, 24 June 2010

The deserving and the undeserving

Courtesy of this page I see the deserving fatties have now reached the mainstream.


Now it's important to say that it's the way the article is written that is the main offender here, rather than the fatties themselves. Still I certainly do hope they come up with some way of differentiating deserving fatties-those who have conditions associated with becoming fat, from the undeserving fatties whose rising weight co-coincided with a big appetite.

I wouldn't want to be bracketed with the kind of five minute fatties who feel they need to explain how they used to be thin and eat and exercise in strict accordance with healthist dictates.

Those not saying it to expose the deluded entitlement of healthist promises or to awaken the unwary, that universe will not necessarily blesses for your sweat and fast sacrifice with health so long as you do the "right thing". If indeed we are correct in our assumptions that we know what those right things are. It's rather like if you're a good person, good things happen and vice versa if you're bad. They're explaining how they've been good, and now they're sick and that's why their fat, they don't deserve ridicule.

Neither do any of the "undeserving" because their undeservingness is illusory.

I frankly don't know why anyone is supposed to care more because you got sick at the same time as you got fat, anymore than at the same time as being broken hearted/ abused or just eating of food in conjunction with becoming fat. I am so sick of this overemphasis of the calories in/out model-which is just not going to pay of the investment people- so if it turns out I'm on the wrong side of that tough. I'm happy for there to be a fuller examination of what tends to precede weight gain, I'm sure it's rebellious insouciance of the most outrageous kind.

If only.

Certainly when it comes to weight and following all the rules-just like the deserving fatties-could never possibly cause fatness, even though the rule usually is what precedes fatness is the cause it, only if that is bad behaviour, as opposed to good. Which is lucky because otherwise that model might be shot to poo.

It's also nice to see modern society's 'progression' back to it's more primitive roots-that's like circular(?) It's important for those of us who take for granted that our societies are way ahead in all areas of civilisation that even if that were true, historically speaking, it can and has been reversed at points and in ways that cannot be imagined, time and again.

Often those reversals are as much a product of them as that which produces their progress. Without this kind of thing, we might become complacent.

If these deserving fatties could be somehow separated from the undeserving, and sympathy can be cultivated by the haters and the authorities alike. We the more undeserving can-after a suitable lapse in time-advance. I reckon those with mental health issues should be next followed by those who do a lot in the community.

Then last, people like myself, who have no excuse and do sweet FA.

Yeah, softly softly catchee monkey.


  1. But even the "deserving" fatties, who have supposedly seen the light about discrimination, still don't love themselves as they are, even though being fat isn't their "fault" (like it's anyone's fault *headdesk*). They still believe in the Fantasy of Being Thin and are striving to get back there. With attitudes like that, and reporting like that in the article, it's one step forward and three steps back.

  2. Yeah, everyone's attitude is as to be expected, but I still like the idea of some people being in two minds about switching off their conscience for 'deserving' fatties.

    A bit of doubt is better than the sureness of hate.