Saturday, 26 June 2010

No inspiration to spare for fattiez

I know little about the programme mentioned which is OK by me because my comment is about the laughable misapplication of the word inspiration. Apparently this usage refers to the idea that others should be constantly reminding fat peeps they are fat and this is part of 'getting us healthy'. Blerrugh. Fat youth must be subject to this message even when trying to seek relief in mind numbing entertainment.

Fat people being 'inspired' is us knowing our place in the order of things, submissive and accepting of our demoted status. Being second to the kind of people who pretend it's their duty to exhort you to get health, who are ashamed of just hating as freely as they want to, is an unfeasibly low standard as one can manage whilst still having a couple of functioning brain cells to rub together. No wonder believing in it too often boxes you into a kind of depression. It's not how inferior you are supposed to be in absolute terms, but who you are supposed to be inferior in comparison with. I'm intellectually inferior to Einstein and less brave than Yaa Asantewaa that's not a downer because those are high standards indeed. No it's being second class to bovine scraps of mediocrity that's lifeforce sapping.

Having this foisted upon your youthful mind and yielding to it, is an assault on your brain which does it's own comparison and asks: "Second to that this? After I showing my goods-such as keeping you alive, thinking brilliant thoughts etc., this is what I have to work with?" Then it goes on a work to rule in protest and bingo you've got a form of 'depression'. And who can blame, how would you feel?

Anyone who falls for the idea that removing their self esteem from the essence of themselves and shifting it to the weight of themselves and thinks this is a win-because it looks good in comparison to the hate directed at fatties-is being made an arse of and is definitely not being respected one little bit. They need to inspire themselves out of their stupor. Quick smart.

I still find it hard to believe that this useful idiocy is being parlayed into a 'missionary amongst the savages' (hate) face saving exercise. Nice try but no big fat cigar. Haters are refusing to sense that those working their strings have absolutely no reason to respect them anymore than they respect fatties, why would they? We are all just the public to them who they can divide and rule. Using one side for peer pressure against the other shows we are two sides of the same coin fighting each other whilst we both get turned over, even if that tends to happen to some more than others. You only have to look at the way that so many lifelong thin people almost destroy themselves merely out of fear of becoming fat to know that we are all being sucked into the mire.

If you don't have sense enough to realise that and to their credit some do, then you'd best save your inspiration for yourself, down the line you may find you need it more than us.

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