Friday, 25 January 2013

Entitlement is the spur

When I first got involved in internet FA was that I was adamant, no more must the trashing of our lives be other people's weight loss aid. Or someone's business model come to think of it. I was so overwhelmed by the level of indulgence others felt safe to wallow in.

That they had the nerve to feel entitled to this. How dare they not even feel a sense of embarrassment about being bratty enough to demand this. It was all so Marie Antoinette (though I know she probably didn't say that).

This and other sources of grasping entitlement have been allowed to grow and that my friends, dies hard.

Disingenuousness abounds, talking about "downplaying the obesity epidemic", well excuse you. Hype is all it is. And if that has been satisfactory, what are obesity harpies still harping on about?

Also, in terms of lacking real interest don't forget;
  • Disseminating quackery as the remedy. That's the biggie, the resolute refusal to accept the failure of cals in/out as a solution is a sign that their pwarblem is a low priority. It's effectively the same as not bothering to do anything. And that cannot be hidden, despite any sound and fury.
  • Regarding purported risks of obesity, unthink all over the place-i.e. fatz have bad hearts, they need to sweat till they bleed. They don't care, they can't possibly be happy. Their problem is comfort eating, we must make them more uncomfortable on a permanent basis. You are at risk of high blood pressure, you need to be highly stressed into "weight loss" and so on.
  • The primary target is food, so encourage calorie dense food to advance it's grip in every possible public sphere, especially places where that didn't have to happen hospitals, continue, up until recently to feed children what could genuinely be called crap is the ultimate comment on the fatuous "child obesity" rhetoric.
  • The secondary target calorie expenditure, complain about lack of physical activity but remove it from the curriculum and keep children desk bound. Allow general environment to be designed around motor cars. Where's the calls for pedestrianization, more bike lanes Becky?

Not a dicky when there's the old thrill of beating up on a captive audience (not so much now).

Whether these things will make people slim or not, is moot. The point is being complained about and what actions flow from that. 

I'm of the school of thought that if you keep doing things you know will produce or not produce certain results and you keep doing them, then that is a sign that maybe you don't want what you think you want after all. 

Ms Hands tries to use the chestnut of the confusion of the consumer-without mentioning people of her own profession are an important part of that- to imply this will create the same effect with weight.

In a way she's right, the essential problems are the same, just not what she thinks. It's more a balanced and fuller picture begins to confuse the impression made through the incompleteness of bias. Indeed, how confused are we really? Seems many of us have the food proselytizers pretty much pegged. Beyond eat a balanced diet and enjoy moving around, the science isn't there.

There are no panaceas or absolute guarantees.

Where the healthists get into trouble is their refusal to let go of their pretense that slim=healthy, healthy eating=healthy, ergo, they know how to make you slim through what they peddle. They don't. They should be pleased to perhaps assist an increase in people's well being. But too many of them just have to have a bee in their bonnet about fatz.

When I read this;
Recently, I've seen a spate of stories about how obesity isn't such a big deal after all and a few extra pounds could be good for us. As a dietitian committed to helping make healthy living not only normal but fun, these stories are disturbing and downright dangerous.
My mind cheekily tried to turn the highlighted into "committed to making a healthy living." I think that's about right though. Too many of her profession helped to advance the fat phobic agenda in order to advance their own kudos.

Which can be read as a comment on the value of that. 

I note she didn't say, 'This disturbs me because fat people are dropping like flies and why doesn't anyone care.' Oh no. It's all very finger wagging. "Rather than finding a loophole to avoid improving your health..."

Ha, ha, ha, what a laugh! The very idea that she'd give a damn about fat people. Or we wouldn't all be too beat up to notice. 

Seriously? The pernicious belief that we're all just desperate to destroy our own bodies. All around the world, for all time it's been a pretty universal suspicion that folks may lean towards being a little bit too much out for ourselves. Always scheming for our own advancement, too often at the expense of others. That it is it other people who are more likely to want to do harm to us, than we want to do to ourselves.

How clever of people like Ms Hand to reverse that presumption. 

Apparently, only she can be counted on to want what is good for us, we determinedly seek ill for ourselves. Shame on us and our original sin reborn.

The possibility that her brand of health(ism) isn't the only, one doesn't come into it. But that's the security of her POV and a large part of it's appeal, a sense of security.

She doesn't want that to be had by fatz though and that's a large part of the crusade's appeal for minds like this. If you step back a bit, you can see a mind's instinctive attempt at finding a balance two halves.

Non judgement with judgementalism makes a whole.

Her emotional mal-judgements are not the burden of fat people though.

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