Friday, 1 February 2013


I was surprised that describing yourself as beautiful still had such currency. In the 60's it was "Black is beautiful" because those who were not Black defined BP as "ugly", due to their fusing of racism with an aesthetic.

It's a terrible burden when people are disgusted by your appearance due to what's going on in their head. It's not so much needing to be beautiful as not triggering a sense of aversion.  Being linked and associated with those feelings.

The eye is attached to the brain. Seeing involves brain processing.

As I'm usually thinking in terms of the crusade, rather than the media and people's looks. And any way I saw that as something that tends to even itself out once you no longer see through the halo of slim goggles.

Of course, not everyone's mind has unravelled that. 

Things happen in a different order for different people. The pieces of the puzzle may be absent or present.

Beautiful is used to describe feelings as well as aesthetics, always has been in most languages. Instinct draws people towards proclaiming this, partly as a way of restoring an equilibrium in the way people feel about them. 

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