Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fat People are just so Tiresome

I know this because, even after doing everything we were told, except die on cue in the required numbers. The race is on to convince us we are more dead than alive anyway, LOL.

Certainly fat haters must be intent on boring us half to death getting their jollies from their compulsive indulgence in frenzied doom laden predictions.

Who says fat hating slimz aren't funny?

An example cutely fuses ageing with the horreur du fatisme. Which is funny-ha and peculiar-because arguably, older folks were a group more recently (and to some extent still) targeted for attentions sharing aspects similar to those meted out to fatsters.

That's the previous social conviction that maturity required folks to start dragging up in oldster drag, crap clothes, hair dont's, get depressed and cranky. Just basically have the decency to fall apart physically and mentally from the age of about 30 onwards.

Only to be described as a burden, which threatens to implode economic healthcare systems and civilization as we know it blahddy, blah, when that behaviour didn't suit. Hope no fatz are disappointed that we aren't the only ones. We aren't special.

Apparently, "longer life doesn't necessarily mean healthier life". PAUSE to consider the logical cogency of that statement........... mind gives up. I move on.

Whatever the truth of that, I've always wondered why it would be a given. The longer anything lives, the more likely it is to accrue greater physical degeneration. That's seems embarrassingly obvious.

My favourite part of this reportage is when the journalist informs us;
“Despite their longer life expectancy over previous generations, U.S. baby boomers have higher rates of chronic disease, more disability, and lower self-rated health than members of the previous generation at the same age,” the study authors wrote. “On a positive note, baby boomers are less likely to smoke cigarettes and experience lower rates of emphysema and [heart attacks] than the previous generation.”
[She's quoting from some study or other.]

So they're older and feel less self declared health than previous generations who died younger, smoked more. They're also less prone to the number one killer of human beings in the developed model world.

I hope this isn't another one of those back handed adverts for smoking that the 'obesity' furballs, the crusade narrative keeps coughing up. I mean what are we to ascertain from this? That tabs make you feel cheerful, whilst they kill you?

It's odd when you assert people are better off not smoking yet then suggest that somehow means they aren't.

This could be read as really about seeking to remain (positively) active as you get older. Obviously not manual labour, working in a factory or as a cleaner, that sort of thing, which is not the right kind of active so doesn't count.

Rather than say that though, it has to be framed as a dig at fat people. 'Cos we are just arrogant enough to go on living past the allotment assigned to us by the panic mode of our humble betters. 

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