Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bourgie Weight Watchers

The Guardian, the paper of liberal leftist metropolitan fat phobic idiocy is currently engaged in a torrid frenzy about the crisis of obesity. Or society's getting fatter, zomg. Off the back of a report which lists a ten point plan which reads like a list of things society decided to allow free reign long after the wailing began.

It's pretty standard, slim centred point of view which treats fat people as objects whilst pretending we're the subject. Calorie restriction and weight loss diets feature prominently. Blame, mixes with the crunching gears of hastily rerouted disdain which is supposed to become sympathy, when it is really a crude form of pity. The usual repellent sub-eugenic ravings liberated by 'obesity' are seen as 'lack of empathy' rather than something profoundly untoward in the speaker.

Pride is not the issue here, it's unpleasant to be pitied full stop. More especially for other people's casting of you. This extreme self involvement, on the part of others, is another form of the disconnected lack of engagement that is at the heart of fatness as a construct.

This unconvincing effort of 'sympathy' is not due to fat people humanizing 'obesity' through beginning to find their voice. It's more to do with how much obesity is out of keeping with the liberal/left's usual narratives on its own prevalent neuroses.

This is a consistent threat to the progressive mindset and means fat consciousness is bitterly resented. There's no doubting the widespread desire for it to fail.So fat people can go back to previous mute obedience (who knew it was that important?)

Researchers are also working on that right now [if anyone can work out what this new method using "instrumental variables" is all about, feel free to get in touch.] How we miss you Sandy!

As I keep saying, how can not being able to calm down or cheer up-for no apparent reason-like grief, loss or trauma be an "illness" nay a "disability" for goodness sake, but having an imbalance in the vital process of eating be posited as purely willful?

A basis of necessity cannot rightly be more routinely adjustable than that which is unnecessary and more directly under conscious control for that matter.

One of the stranger experiences of being fat is revealed though. The way nothing else matters but, you're fat. Sexual or other abuse, rape only matters through being implicated in your fatness.Recovery is in terms of how much timber you can get off. Hence the use of the word "psychology" for what is actually weight loss surgery. These people are not hearing themselves at all.

As we know, weight conflated into behaviour is a great source of this mess, until folks let go of that, this will continue. This is also a faultline among fat people. Those who are fat and have things that require physical or psychological investigation and those who are simply fat. Some of the former feel that if any fatness is normalized, then they'll lose the possibility of further investigation, because so little of real value has been done. 

An obscenity given the extent of obsession.

Fatness uber alles can have a peculiarly numbing effect on fat people's experience of themselves and what has happened to them. A knock on effect is when this bumps into the sacredness of trauma, which I'd argue is possibly the privilege or halo invested in slimness. 

At times this has forced for instance feminists to reassert their dominant narrative of sexual abuse but only when the flattening effect of fatness has threatened to lessen the impact of sexual assault/abuse as it's applied to those who are accorded lower status, among them fat people.

The impact then is in the value invested in the person, not in the experience itself.

Hardly any deviation from this pattern allowed, as usual no real engagement of intelligence or wit. No one mentions that if discomfort is the underlying factor, the remedy is for fat people to care far less about things than we do now.

That the problem is we're too uptight. We need to chill out, hang loose, and not care too much about what others think which is ridiculous given they aren't all that etc.,

It's more like bourgie weight watchers. Real ugly. Don't let anyone tell you anti-intellectualism resides in the working classes. Some of the worst you'll ever find has been unearthed by 'obesity'.

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