Thursday, 28 February 2013

The use of obesity


I’m glad moves have been made to feed children properly. Ask yourself why that would ever be necessary. Tying these initiatives to ‘obesity’ means the underlying classism of writing off certain children and therefore people, is ignored.

The ethics of feeding children the industrial food effluent of the political classes cronies. i.e. Crony capitalism, is goes unqueried.

At least voice the deal society has done. The well-being and undermining of the health of children, for purportedly saving money. This should be done in order to insist so called advanced societies pledge never to do that again.

That they at least acknowledge this kind of proposition as a false economy. So that if say, the Right get in, they do not reverse these policies on the grounds that it interferes with their friends ability to offload dubious products on those under their charge.

Without at least being asked, how much money will cutting good practice for the poor “save”? What effect will that have on their health? Cost that and subtract it from your proposed “savings”, the result is your policy. Is that really a saving? That should be a common question for any attack on the poor under the guise of supposed cost cutting of budgets.

Obesity depoliticizes and obscures those who’ve already been subject to hard end of politricks.

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