Monday, 18 February 2013

Diet Free

I'd never have thought of excluding (weight loss) diet talk from FA spaces. I'd have just expected to duke it out with any diet mentality, wrestling it into submission with the power of argument. Or if I'm honest, the impact of dieters having their cherished unquestioned cult, questioned.

Or should I say torn apart in the way it could so easily be under the glare of a little critical scrutiny. Dieting adherents have not only not had that, they've don't realise they have and take it for granted as an entitlement.

This is why they think mere rejection of dieting is abusive. And why they seek to insert diet talk in every crevice of human exchange, even where it is wholly unwanted. They sense, the power of WLD lies here.

 At first I had my doubts about diet free space.

I felt not confronting detractors weakens you, strengthens their hand and leads to the thwarting of an instinct to defend oneself. This is then diverting to picking out whipping boys on your own side leading what's called infighting.

It's not that this is untrue, it's more, there's usually more than one approach that will do.

The upside is not being bored with healthist, dieting blather, which incidentally, can be difficult to appreciate how excruciatingly boring it can get. Think of a vicar in the pulpit who's lost all feeling or passion for the gospel he preaches.

And it's not like this is a total surprise-but when you are in there you're hyped up and super positive.

Truth is, diet free does dieters a favour, given the extent of their sensitivities, they simply couldn't hack what their credo deals. So much of what WLD/healthism depends on and produces is unedifying and weird. Their rage and fury not conducive to generating a healthy atmosphere.

I doubt many of them realise for obvious reasons.

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