Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"Accepting obesity"

The above turned up in search terms used to find this blog. Though I'm not particularly judgey about these terms, seeing them more as a means to get somewhere. [You should see some of the things I type in to get somewhere near a desired destination].

It just so happens that whether this was intended or not, this touched a nerve, whether the searcher intended it or not.  

I do not "accept obesity." And it is discourteous of people to use that term for fat acceptance. I reject not only the term's defunct explanation of fatness, but its impertinent assumption of bowing to authority.

The hardest thing for all of us to grasp is that the way we've come to see weight eating and food is a singular model of distinct extremism, masquerading as normal. That great conglomeration of neurosis.

'Obesity' is not how fact arranges itself. Fat acceptance is not 'obesity' acceptance because that would be the acceptance that this is a meaningful, useful and indeed viable term. It is none of those.

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