Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Shame as a means to Means

You may have heard Air Samoa has decided to start charging passengers by the kilo.Though it's also likely to affect those who are taller than average. Obviously part of the insidious opportunism generated by the establishment mandated 'obesity' crusade. Though it has been presented as "fair" by AS mouthpiece Chris Langton, the source is clear; 
Mr Langton also suggested that the move had helped promote health awareness in Samoa, which has one of the world's highest levels of obesity. "People generally are becoming much more weight conscious. That's a health issue in some areas,"
Hardly in the area of air travel. 
"Anyone who travels at times has felt they have been paying for half of the passenger next to them."
A more real sentiment, I think we can guess who "anyone" is. So make seats that fit your customers, but no;
Under the new model, Mr Langton described how some families with children were now paying cheaper fares. "There are no extra fees in terms of excess baggage or anything - it is just a kilo is a kilo is a kilo," he said.
Yeah that's right. People's bodies are now seen as excess baggage. Well, to be "fair", that's how 'obesity' is defined as "overweight".  The result is this coinage acts on and confuses the brains of people who come to think of fatness as in some way, detachable. So another example of money being distributed from fat to thin, on the basis of shame. Can that be defined as economic emotional blackmail?

There's an increasing whiff of organized extortion about it. All gang up to shame a certain group. Under the direction of those with influence who've contrived conditions where they can gain, without being seen as bad. Shame just became one wealth transference scheme.

Remember those innocent days when shame was supposed to be a genuine heartfelt feeling of recognizing your own failure to meet your own moral standards, especially, in front of your good peers?

When taught this by your conscientious caretakers, did you ever think it would become just a crude vehicle for your undoing by other folk as nice as you? Probably not, or I daresay you wouldn't have been able to take it that way, would you? 

That perhaps is one good thing. Maybe it's the excuse some fat people need to become positively shameless. If fat people are paying slim people for shame, they can surely dispense with it.
People generally are bigger, wider and taller than they were 50 years ago
So why not designing planes for today? What else expects to work on the standards of 50 years ago? Being gay was still illegal in the UK. Christianity was a dominant force western society, people stood for the national anthem before films in the cinema.

Apparently this kind of thing is "the concept of the future". That sounds ominous not only for fat people. If "anyone" thinks this kind of stops here other things portend differently;
The same people never march into pubs like a latter-day temperance evangelist and demand to know why the people there are drinking and whether they know they stink of Guinness and that they're destroying their liver. As I drag my own lanky frame down the street, nobody can tell whether my ectomorphic physique is a product of hours in the gym, 40 fags a day or a rampaging amphetamine habit. Only the obese must wear their unhealthy lifestyles as a cloak, and consequently only the obese reap the wrath of a cruelly judgemental minority.
Let me correct that, fat people are pre-judged, we don't wear our "lifestyles" healthy or otherwise, any more than anyone else. Which is a point to consider. That can be applied to "anyone" too, especially after softening themselves up for it through their participation in a culture of shaming fat people.

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