Monday, 8 April 2013

Obesity Related Phantom Addition/Deletion

.............speaking of that last link. Check out this part of the comment thread.

A commenter called "mikedee" [03 April 2013 2:56pm] quoted from Ally Fogg's piece;
Basic physics confirms that the weight of passengers does affect the fuel costs of flights,
But his mind read "does" as "does not".

This was spotted and a few people responded, eventually including Fogg. It was let go. But I'm sure FA aficionado's will clock this as an example of the phenomena where, under the influence of 'obesity' mal logic, people read anyone not fat hating as being in league with satanism 'obesity'.

It points to the nature of fat hating which is essentially extremist in nature, fundamentalist actually. Fundamentalists believe either you are within their narrow cult or you are with the forces of evil or whatever the name of their baddie is, in this case 'obesity'.

In this schema, 'liberals' or relaxed adherents to their view, are also seen as suspect backsliders. Fundamentalism is all or nothing.

'Obesity' is a hostile creation of what fatness is needed to be by others.  We've been lumbered with forcing what little experience we haven't repressed to oblivion into crude phrases, whether they are true for us or not. Or we're accused of lying or denial.

This ventriloquist dummy routine easily extends to whatever fat people who are no longer complying with this, must think. This happens time and again-any nuance confuses these basic and limited assumptions.

People read over what you've written, writing their opinion of what you must be saying, according to them. Rather like the surprise accusation of "promoting obesity", it's often just their own hateful bigotry flipped over. At other times it's how they'd respond to it, flipped over and assigned to you.

i.e. they hate fat people-I still find that funny-so fat people must hate slim people. They disparage fat bodies, fat people must be disparaging slim ones. They're jealous of thinner bodies than their own, so you must definitely be too. You can imagine how tiresome this can get.

They don't get that you have undergone the same processes that led them to their mental position, the complete disassociation from all things fat, internally. we've all been on the same fat hating side. There has been no mirroring, which would mean the complete disconnection from all things slim, whilst maintaining a connection with your body. 

In this case "physics" was the trigger word. As you know, fat haters have a real mastery of physics. Enough to tell you weight loss diets do work, despite scare evidence of real (long term) viability. But not enough to tell you how they could possibly fail. Or falsifiability. For the record, I'd be astounded if physics couldn't explain how diet's don't work, no one seems to have bothered.

For them, anyone who doesn't pretend dieting works is in denial of their curiously religious like version of physics. Hence "does" added a "not" after it.

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