Friday, 11 October 2013

All from one..........

Two cells meet and become one. After the sperm cell fertilizes the ovum it becomes a zygote or a single cell(ed) embryo. It then divides into two, doubles, again and again and again and becoming multicellular.

That's the beginning of all of us. How we are formed and grow. In essence it's similar to how your body continues to (re)grow and renew itself throughout your life. The breakdown of cells to complete their life cycle and the creation of new cells is the basis of your metabolism.

It makes and restores what is you.

This self generating, self regulating process is what we attempt to alter when we seek to change weight with our humiliatingly crude tactics. It not under our direct volitional control.

We can only influence it. It would be bad news if we could easily control it via our will, that's why we usually can't.

Our understanding of it is very basic and has been delayed, regressed even by the assumption that attacking cells, in this case adipose, is the way to control metabolic function, it isn't. It interrupts or fights with it. And overall function has to win, that is its design. We consider them "excess" from our point of consciousness, therefore of no value or interest to the body.

What we need to realise is that doesn't necessarily match the body's. What keeps us in material existence is the sweep that stops interruptions of all kinds from taking hold or settling in. Or homoeostasis, our metabolisms very self-directed, self completion. 

We were wrong. We went about making alterations the wrong way, we pressed our attitude into designing the way, many of us have learnt the inexactitude of that painfully in our own minds and bodies.  

The devaluation of this experience in order to continue believing in assumption is a delusion almost on a par with creationism. It's also as cruel and churlish as it destroys people's credibility as bona fide beings merely displaying human characteristics they did not design.

Those of us who've long been ready to accept this are being held back and degraded by those who refuse to get a hold of themselves, because they don't have to. They're entitled to their view, but need to start getting out of the way.

Without any pressure of scrutiny, these people feel no need to be rational for the sake of their own honour. Though they think to speak of their imposition of supposed dishonour on us.

None of this means that through observation, understanding and mastery, we cannot find ways to maximize our influence over our own body and its systems. I have never doubted for a second that we can influence and alter the course of metabolic function and therefore weight which is an outcome of that.

This has the potential to lead to a different form of medicine. Internal medicine, controlled by the interaction of you with the system that runs you and your conscious awareness. And not any health care systems.

No wonder those invested in that, insist on pursuing what doesn't work

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