Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fat foolishness in the media

Roll up, roll up people. There's another instance of fat people being idiotic abject sell-outs in the mejah.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's purveyors of this kind of foolishness. It is disgusting and abject. Trust me, if every group under any pressure gave way like these idiots, we'd know far less about what it means to be human.

All of us.

It is forgotten by these folk that not everyone is in as privileged a position as themselves, so their wretched po-faced arse licking is also a missed opportunity. Not to agree with me, but to be a human being whilst fat.

Tedious fat masochism of this sort is partly responsible for the regressive assault the 'obesity' cult has visited on fat people, by refusing to hold its quackmeisters to any account at all. Putting them on a pedestal by making fat people responsible for everything and everyone, including human biological design.

Many self hating fat dupes continue to insist that not behaving like a quisling house negro is a threat to getting science of any real value out of 'obesity'. When actually, the crusade has acutely derailed that.

Does anyone think pretending people are disease is science?

Even bitter ex-smoking fool Callahan admitted (hey, I can throw that word about too) that 'obese' was harder to deal with than real genuine serious disease. Something that should have woken everyone up. No doubt that's because those studying real diseases are pursuing real science. So they get real advances.
They'd not be able to get away with the reprehensible pantomime of fakery and flannel that useless "obesity research" has recently been cloaking itself in. Because a) people would notice and call them on it, because b) people value the genuine and dramatic loss of life that would be abetted by such quackery.

The wretched farce that is 'obesity' has achieving precious little for those who are in genuine need of relief-whatever their reasons. I stumbled over the cure for my own disorder which was if not created, certainly ramped up to quite intolerable proportions. The irrelevance of "obesity research" in this cannot be overstated.

I don't doubt for one second that I'm not alone in that. 

 Taking the kind of masochistic abjection that comes out of being discredited, having to believe in something that doesn't work, for granted has enabled them to stay worthless to those who really require genuine effort to be put in.

The "Eat as much as you want and remain slim" clickbait-which is just most thinz and slimz life right now- despite many of their somewhat deluded bullshitting- is a silly headline, borne of the messed up 'obesity' farrago.

Basically, its a report on an avenue for getting bodies to use rather than store energy.
Researchers noted the mice minus the gene ate less in comparison, moved around more and displayed other health benefits including smaller fat cells and better insulin sensitivity.
It refers to a gene called perililipin-2 which it is claimed regulates the storage of fat. Blocking it has said to have reduced fat storage in mice.

Turns out to be the fifty millionth incarnation of brown fat.
The genetically-altered mice produced more brown fat cells which, unlike typical white fat cells, have the ability to burn calories.
We are all born with this type of fat, dotted around our bodies in small amounts. In most it fades away somewhat, for some relatively early on. Apparently, this is responsible for a lot of sudden weight gain after a lifetime of slimness type phenomena.

How's finding out about how to replicate this immoral? It's a perfectly natural effect, the body will do it itself! As I've been saying for years, find out how metabolism works and use that to get the results you want. If you don't, how will progress be made?

This is so dumb. So utterly pointlessly abject and grovelling. This grotesque anti-intellectualist, faux moralising of those who reject religion without realizing that they still need its basic purpose is indulgent. Only the bourgeois classes could get away with flouting such utter stupidity.

It's also part of what makes fat people hate themselves and why we can be easy for others to have ill will toward.

No matter what fat phobes say, they know we are just as good as they are. Hence their repeated celebratory comparisons with us. If you feel someone is so beneath you, why would you be so inclined? Moreover, why would any such comparison be a cause for victory?

It's underwhelming when this extent of grovelling, refusing to stand up to any bullying at all, no matter the cost to the person. Refusing to defend ones honour at all is upsetting to others. It reminds them they could be put in that position too-see smokers. And they don't like that feeling at all. That's why they cheered that boy who opened up a can of whup-ass on a smaller bully.

They want to know they'd fight back to in the similar circumstances.

When we don't, even though we are yielding to them, it makes them feel they might be so defeated too. Then they lash out, trying to put as much distance between themselves and us.

Anything to do with using rather than storing fat has potential applications to type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and treatment of other metabolic disorder, such as PCOS. It is well needed. The current treatments on offer aren't nearly good enough.

Is that to be halted because of fat fools in the media, still down on their knees in arse lick bullies mode?

For goodness sake, get up.

Jay you are a man of no little charm and wit. Get a grip on yourself because NGAD.

Except perhaps those you're trying to impress and they're really not worth it. 

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