Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Weight loss is not Difficult

Yep, that again. There are a lot of people who like to explain why people-its slimz too-can't lose weight and have it stay lost. These people are choosing to stick with stupidity and that's a lot easier to change than weight. They won't, because they like to make the barely possible seem everyday and the absolutely nothing appear impossible.

That they could give up their figment of their imagination, their belief in calorie restriction, is an outrageous demand compared to insisting people who are not anorexic impersonate that. Against their own design.

Again, for those of you atheist types. It's like those who believe in gods. Those are a product of the human mind. So's the idea of weight regulation through maintaining calorie deficits.

Adherents of both, believe in what's in their head more than the reality of flesh and blood people. Except that's somewhat unfair on the former who believe in the two equally. They don't pretend people are non-sentient 'disease' whilst addressing the very sentience their stupidity requires them to deny.


Weight loss is not "difficult". It's just that we only have one way to pursue it and it's the wrong way. I dare anyone to tell me FA's are paranoid or extreme. Many of them cannot accept the obvious fact that there have been many avenues to weight loss that have gathered dust over many, many years. Weight loss dieting has been picked out. It is not 'weight loss' it's an idea of it.

Yes of course those other potential routes have hit what seemed to be dead ends.

As opposed to something that has always been a dead end that just flattered to deceive. If as much effort had been put into them as 'obesity' bullshitting, something might have yielded by now.

Weight loss would be piss easy if we had the right way/s, I'm guessing there's more than one, due to the multifarious nature of human metabolic function. You know how it is when you have the correct technique, it just feels right? Like that.

Objectively speaking, dieting feels all wrong, because it is all wrong. There is nothing to be said for it. Except possibly that an honest study of why it fails would yield an understanding of something central to our function.

Slim people are slim without running marathon's and starving themselves. Apparently, some deign to be upset that their mere existence isn't evidence of their superior ubermenschen discipline. Let me give those slimz a tip. That's a sure sign of needing to return to your birthright, which is to believe you are wholly worthwhile, merely because you exist. No other reason. That's where its at, for all of us.

Sadly, we become detached from our innate assumption of self worth, all of us, in the process of learning how to exist on this earthly plane. We learnt to 'motivate' ourselves by behaving as if we're incomplete, unless we achieve this thing that will complete us (familiar?) Dieting takes this too far, there's just no function to squeeze out of the motivating incompleteness of being fat. If we can use this weight farrago as an excuse to see if we can right this misstep, we can really stick it to those who are just so sure we will always miss the greatest prizes, settling instead for competing hatred of each other.

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