Sunday, 13 October 2013


Ever considered the seeming imperceptibility of society's mechanics? Like the layers of convenient fictions arranged over one another, like a soon to bud flower's petals.

Society attempts to regulate its citizens-and therefore itself.

There's a fondness for pointing out that fatness has increased dramatically over the last 30 years or so. This is supposed to be the acme of evidence.......... of what? The mickey mouse quality of being fat? The essential choosy, choiceyness of it?

Unlike sexuality, which is not a choice-though it too has increased over the last whatever decades.
Of course that's not so, is the response. People were always equally whateversexual as they are now, just certain sexualities/gender presentations were suppressed.


That's how it's done.

Those who wish to suppress sexuality know what sexualities exist. They know.

They use the idea of non bona fide /choiceyness to create layers of suppression, making sure that as few people can negotiate those hurdles as possible. They don't expect what they're suppressing never to exist, though they'll try, they just want it to be as difficult and minimal as possible.

They use a layering effect of channeling the most prestigious belief systems and levers; religion, the law, scientism, peer pressure, bullying, violence, intimidation, mental and economic pressure to achieve it.

It's less said outright that this is the aim. That would be an admission that it is known that different sexualities exist.

That the purpose is to hold it down. This would make people feel bad about themselves. Make them aware of their participation in cruelty.

Which would undermine resolve, odd though that is to say. Awareness that your own conscience is an obstacle to your chosen means of enforcing your "morality." It means you've decided your morality requires immorality.

Admitting that the point is to break the will of the person to act according to what feels true to themselves undermines the stated premise that such sexuality is mere choice. The choice thing is what suppression turns it into.

When people say, "You can't hate yourself slim". I doubt that's ever been the point.

It's already known that hatred doesn't make most people slim-that would be the response of your metabolism. But a sense of conviction that it may make a person less fat?

That can be sustained.

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