Monday, 11 November 2013


Reading around things like the NSA, wikileaks and big data. One thing we can say is that those with power and influence love the idea of getting to know us intimately. Whilst of course being repelled by us being able to do the same, with them.

They don't simply wish to know us, they wish to see right through us in microscopic detail. How we think, feel and behave. It's amusing that there's an open desire to read our brains/minds and few can seem particularly exercised by the prospect of having no privacy, from the PTB even in your own skull! I like the way they talk about scientists, because this would so not find itself in the hands of commerce* and politicians?

Of course, fatz are already experiencing an earlier, primitive and somewhat skewered incarnation of this urge. I'm sure I've said before that being fat is often like being straight out of the 1950's, (at times, more like the 1850's.)

Given this, the 'obesity' construct, being ahead of the information age, turns this wishful thinking on its head. Instead of finding everything out about a generic fat type-there isn't one, but that's one of the wishes-it saves effort by making it up and projecting it on to its fat template.

The parodic elements are you are the disease to be studied like life forms are under a microscope. Oh humans are a "complex" disease. 

Instead of spying on your actions and nosing in and reading your own actual words and thoughts. It cuts out the middle man-you- helpfully, making up what's supposed to be going on in your mind. Expecting you to act according to this. Yes, you're expected to act out this is, you're admonished severely when you deviate and report your true experience.

Having established falsehood as reality. Real reality becomes the falsehood, the delusion. You are the deluded/in denial. The latter assertion, especially, is notoriously hard to refute. As that is itself seen as evidence.

The 'obesity' canard is wish-fulfillment of a certain type from a certain class born to administrate, if not rule. The desire is for them to know anything and everything about us, through any means. It's also the similar for the specific type who wish to participate in something accorded the scientific moniker, without the same mood eviscerating rigour of the real thing.

Not for them is following the truth without fear or favour, examining failure because that leads to knowledge, understanding, progress and mastery. They prefer to have all the answers beforehand. So they know what they're seeing.

*probably working on their own version/funding research as we speak

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