Friday, 22 November 2013

The macronutrient whirl

Too much fat, causes fatness. Fat's bad for the heart. No, a largesse of weight is caused by too much starch. No, not enough protein. No, too much sugar.

That's where it is now.

Been here before.

Round and round and round the macro nutrient wheel. In a dizzy whirl, never really getting anywhere.

Fat. Carbohydrate. Protein.

We have to keep going round and round in circles, just like we go round and round in weight loss dieting circles. Rooted as we are by the insistence that this is the answer. Dietary manipulation is the key to weight.

It causes all sorts of distortions. Rotten and absurd constructs like "food addiction," people as disease life lived as a treatment for the disease of existence, eating disorders as the treatment for eating disorders. All either created or shored up by the insistence that eating the right make up for foods, will lead to trim.

It sticks you in a corner and means you cannot get out of it. So are condemned to keep rustle the objects there. Picking things up and putting them down, like someone who's lost something they cannot find. 

But you know what? Even if this was the answer. Since when does there have to be one answer-for those who need/want it?

Why has this particular avenue become a monotheism?

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