Friday, 1 November 2013

The only excuses are for calorie restriction

Aye, aye, take a look;
The use of the term food addiction is a step towards medicalisation and implies that normal human social behaviour is pathological. Forms of eating therefore become an illness. This attitude is not helpful and has huge implications for the way in which people view their own behaviour and their lives.
Well, it's weird when someone partially gets it. That happens when the mainstream 'obesity' view is your basis of opinion. its nice to catch someone else saying this. Still, this is right! This has profound implications for pathologizing eating to the point where children learn to feel as ashamed and disgusted about eating as generations have felt about their sexual organs. 

Sugar is what most of your food is turned into before it can be directly absorbed into the cells. So, eating it means that it requires little to no processing. It's very quickly is converted into energy. That makes it not "addictive" but highly efficient, useful. Addictive is what they're using to explain this ease of conversion. 

"Overeating" is mainly defined as what fat people eat. It has no objective definition. No slim person can be said to overeat per se unless they want to. Medicalizing what fat people eat just changes the terms from Dante to the current craze in pseudo-medicalization/science.
I am concerned that many people may potentially latch on to the concept of food addiction as an excuse to explain their overeating - the premise that it's "not my fault" and therefore, "I can't help it".
Yeah, not because that's false, but because that's already happened time and again. Notice he gives no specific examples, he daren't. There's solidarity in favoured identities. And also fear.

Warning others that fatz will use this as an excuse (to do what?) is a bit rich though. Whatever it is we supposedly make excuses for, but actually rarely have had. Reporting calorie restriction failure is not an 'excuse' because you're on a thin rope with your investment in it.

It is fat haters who accuse us of this to protect their weight loss diet dirtbaby. Projecting their own excuse laden mentality to privilege themselves, and use what they say to fat people to reach their well barricaded (from critique) psyches.

Because not a hair on their heads must be touched by anything so unpleasant as-what they've repressed out of sight-but clearly their deeper mind hasn't forgotten.

That happens when you run too much from yourself and feel at liberty to have an open-ended critique of others.  The thoughts you repress escape shouted at those you criticize.

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