Thursday, 11 September 2014

Know What Bluffing Looks Like?

Check this premise;
A study suggests that African American women in the US have a different picture of what unhealthy weight looks like than medical experts, prompting suggestions that pictures should be more widely used with health messages to counter the new normality of excess weight
Lipophbes got everything they wanted and more yet everyday is a tendentious groundhog day with them. They got it wrong and cannot acknowledge this to themselves, instead they have what a friend called "point-finger disease".

Society's shift to the right of the weight graph was entirely predictable. I saw there was nothing to stop it continuing. Given the investment in individuated calorie restriction experiment and the refusal to accept its results. All eggs in that basket + doesn't work="new normality" ahoy.

I've no issue with showing what BMI 30 + really looks like. But why so sure Black women are wrong and Medical professionals must be right? Lol [so comedic.]

Seriously, how do they know this doesn't reflect some extent of overall physiological difference in comparison to other races? Fat and muscle percentage differences vary between as well as amongst races. Black people seem to be at the higher end compared to others. That's probably true-though not necessarily in the same way-of others like Pacific Islanders or the Maori of New Zealand.

This nark swerves those advocating for people with anorexia. They tend to get antsy when the line is drawn at the more prevalent "stage 1 obesity." It doesn't match the barely interrupted death threat hype of 'obesity' promotions Inc. It can at times look eerily close to the acceptably weighted even chubby people closer to the majority of PWA. The emaciated poster children seem to be more acute phase than everyday, how typical.

Always looking for an extreme to illustrate the mean.

The media itself has veered towards fat outliers. Those with a BMI often way above 40. I get the sense this is an instinctive lean towards matching the quel horreur tone of the crusade. A lot of people feel this way, often not perceiving themselves to have crossed that line, considering themselves: "Nowhere near obese." Having preceded by announcing they're; 'overweight'/chubby/plump/could do with losing a couple of stone.

Do the math/s as they say.

They seem underrepresented in surveys. In this case a sample size of 69.
The researchers point out that there is a long history of African American women feeling more satisfied with a large body size than non-Hispanic whites.
"Long history" eh? There hangs resentment. The 'dissatisfaction' of especially middle/upper class White women is not all it seems. Humble bragging has greater cultural currency. Women know their assigned worth and it doesn't tend to match what survey says. Looking at your body and saying "What, this old thing?!" is not the same when you are surrounded by constant validation of its image.

And no, I'm not going to be popular for saying that. WM/UW's bodies also have a different currency in their own race/class milieu than others deemed below them socially has in theirs.

Anyway, this rather obtuse mis-reading of Black women has been a big bone of contention [have at the puns] for oh, just about everyone. That includes professionals who seem to have trouble not assuming they must be right about everything in this area, despite their desultory impact. Such an extent of taking themselves for granted as the standard by which all should be measured, is bracing.

How can I put it, not everyone has to agree with that. Even if AAW aren't on the same page, what basis of presumption makes that a good idea?

You've heard of double consciousness? When the imposed cultural pretense of universal rules for good citizenship gets kicked in the nuts by the needs of one's position in society's hierarchy. Basically, a lot of people have to go along with the idea of a universal set of ethics, skills, attitudes, but then have to live the way that will enable them to actually live, capice?

Resistance to outer dictates of supposed inferiority are a necessary facet of mental self defense. That's a triumph, not a pathogen. Black women are affected by this surround though. Self value is personal, but it also merges with the political at some place.

Black women's self assertion merges with their ability to survive and thrive within that. It's just the time of take responsibility everyone claims is sorely lacking. Do clueless professionals really want to tear into that? To achieve what exactly? Fanciful notions that might not even be what they seem at face value? This is one of the reasons why they don't always get far with this kind of effort. They aren't listening and paying attention to the needs of the people concerned, preferring instead to pontificate.

That all these women accepted the premise of ' a healthy weight' tells you they're not uncaring about weight, they just haven't reached the deranged levels achieved elsewhere. There's a big question mark over the purpose of the 'obesity' crusade. Slimming fat people is a mere a potent entry point for influencing behaviour.

Yet, those demanding this right to interfere in people's most private beliefs, thoughts and habits tend to go apeshit if others demand close to that level of self examination from them, if not at their instigation.

White America takes more drugs and has more anorexic/bulimic eating disordered behaviour as part of its weight regulation strategy. Though that's a highly charged point. Black women also seem less inclined toward alcohol and cigarettes.

I can't say for sure that repressing weight aggressively would lead to a rise in some or all of these areas, but it's worth bearing in mind context, when making comparisons. Put it this way, I wouldn't bet against it. It's worth noting there's a discrepancy between the weight of middle/upper class men and women, why?

It doesn't feel like much of my business-though I'm ever curious-but hey, if they're to be held up as the standard to attain, these things need to be out in the open. Are they ready for this?

I'd be a tad more wary of trying to match the weights of either Black women or indeed working class women of all races to those of White middle/upper class women and concentrate instead on increasing well-being and health. Try matching habits to actual context and the demands made on people. Don't presume.

I don't doubt something's gone awry with some AAP's diet. A better focus would be on reviving cooking skills of the near past, history lessons, connecting with older relatives and such. Seeing which still remain, encouraging the obvious ingenuity and skill that's still out there. And spreading it as necessary.

Dietary content does not lift the weight of society off you, nor does it free you from the constraints that your body just has to adapt to. Attacking what may be defense is not a good move, people aren't willingly "self destructive."

Repeat, real ways to reverse the body's weight must be found-it's been done. Things that don't require the whole of society to go on a diet. Come up with genuinely individual solutions- the extent of persistence with defunct wld shows how popular that idea is.

People don't want their lives and heads managed by others just to alter their weight. They want to do that directly. Nor do they want to their fate to hang on the reluctant, those whose bodies are unsuited to a low-cal existence or those who are hostile to their bodies, culture or lives. Sooner or later we will need to grasp the nettle on how metabolism truly functions.

Let's not forget the outliers, those who have actual metabolic problems. They should not have to be cut into the mainstream's obsessive compulsion with anorexia.

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