Monday, 29 September 2014

"Obesity Denial" Really?

Something I've never been able to take seriously is the incontinent application of terms relating to "denialism," whether referring to the form coined for those who would seek to deny the Holocaust or the delusions of grandeur therapy mess form.

Despite having total control of what is the mainstream narrative on fatness, that's still not enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger for what.............? Fat people's pain, humiliation, stigmatization, pathologization? I really don't know, do you?

Now we can add to this meaningless word generator of "obesity denial", referring to anyone not seeing things in the same loony tunes manner.

I happily refute the idea of people as disease. They obviously aren't and cannot usefully or indeed ethically be construed as such.  And, need I say, though fully on board with the lipogeddon scenario, the AMA's scientific committee-to their very great credit-felt impelled to point out no "disease" has been coined.

In case that's confusing. 'Obesity' wallahs can't define the "disease of obesity" because it doesn't exist, nor does what they're pissy about lend itself to that metaphor.  Either they have to define metabolic deviance or people's weight, they cannot collapse the two togehter. As they don't accept this reality and no one's going to make them, they've ended up just pointing at people and asserting "disease." Few feel to query that. Not because they have any respect for "obesity science" or the medical profession-the way they sue the latter to dirt, creating not a little of the bitterness they're working out on fat people.

Inevitably, this neuromush has been applied to any thoughtful unashamed fat person- as in they are engaging in...... "obesity denialism", dun-dun-duuuuuuhhhhhhr!!!!

This charge intends to shame by association with creationists and more latterly, those skeptical of climate change and/or the nature of.

Leaving aside rejection of the construct 'obesity' has come to brand.

This unspoken but obvious comparison exposes something fundamental about the nature of the delusional constructed view of fatness.

Climate, happens outside us all. 

Theoretically, it is equally observable (or not) by anyone, objectively so. We don't have those advancing climate change experiencing climate change as their physical being, versus those disagreeing not experiencing it as their physical reality.

That isn't the case with being fat. A fat person is experiencing their existence as an on-going physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual process.

A person who isn't fat, isn't sharing that.

Casting fatness as if it's available to all equally, reveals the creepy extent to which fat people's boundaries have been eviscerated by those who seek to own and direct that. Here's 'obesity' folklore naked with its failure to write fat people as discrete sentient beings. This, not "looks" undermines if not cleaves other people's ability to relate to fat people as real. That definition becomes a mental block.

It also reflects the dream of the power elite working itself out in metadata surveillance controversies currently playing out. The desire is to know everything about you at a glance. Whilst they remain in the shadows.

Those protesting the loudest about privacy, are too often on board with this view of "science" turning others into powerless puppets. Imposing fictional roles of what they're supposed to be and/ or stand for.

That the difference between climate and being/not being wasn't immediately spotted by at least those who have some awareness of what fat acceptance is about, is a sign of how completely comfortable we all are with the idea that fat people are neither conscious nor autonomous.

That we could possibly be informed any by our own experience of being. This is the kind of thing I'd point to when people regurgitate such sj platitudes as "We don't have to change society does." Are you sure you don't want to change this? Because I'd say its desirable, in fact necessary.

No one deserves that to happen more than those who really thought could replace human consciousness with a puppet version and get away with it forever. That's what I call motivation.

How about it fat people?

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