Monday, 15 September 2014

Weight Stigma

It's Weight Stigma Awareness week from the 22-26 September 2014. it's the third of an annual event from an organisation called BEDA-Binge Eating Disorder Association. It's purpose is to raise awareness about binge eating disorder [BED]. Sounds ominous.

The last grand push for eating disorders awareness was anorexia which started thin people getting harassed and accused of being anorexic on sight. Similar may happen with fat people being defined as binge eaters on sight. As has already happened with the risible "food addiction." Plenty of fat people will "confess" to it too, whether they have hyperphagia or not. There's the definition of fatness as eating disordered and the indistinct diagnosis.

I couldn't diagnose shit with this sort of thing. Nor am I sure I can grasp or be sure of what binge eating disorder is as distinct from hyperphagia nervosa or compulsive eating disorder though I do see there does seem to be some kind of distinction. I get its eating a lot in a short time. What I mean is a deeper sense of its specific discrete momentum. All of the major ED's have them.

It's absurd that its in the DSMV, but as ever "millions of people are now recognized and validated" is the reason, not fact. I'd prefer explanation and an accurate grasp of my condition. No one should look to psychiatry for validation, that's giving it even more power than it already has.

They have a twitterstream going right now @WSAW2014, which is where I saw this;
Weight stigma could be said to be just another way of saying fat stigma. Discouraging that requires people to stop stigmatizing fatness. To undergo a process similar to neurotics seeking to re-train their nerves to a calmer state.

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