Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Obesity Junk

There's a new 'obesity' drug on the market. You may not have heard of it because really, wgad? Gig Pharma's slimming drugs have been universally execrable. Toxic, of barely perceptible efficacy, possessed of a cornucopia of harm generating effects, many of which uncannily turn out like those "associated with obese."

This one looks just as cute. It's a mixture of this and that. Results exceeded the placebo by 4.1% (as much as that). So much for 'obesity' is addiction.

Businessweek seem surprised by fat people's seeming indifference to toxic, useless prescription tabs. Rightly so, none of this has stopped this kind of crud from getting takers in the past. That probably aided the reluctance of insurance companies to pay out for this crap now, which is a hurdle in the US.

Pill taking has ceased to be a mere act. The act's become an article of faith. In more quack riddled areas of soft science. We've learned to take drugs not simply because they work, but also, because the idea of them working works, like weight loss dieting. That can release the placebo effect in us. The placebo effect is hard to perceive when it comes to reversing weight though.

There's placebo, where there's room for it. 

Fundamental levers of human metabolic function are not known to be located in the conscious mind, the relationship between them and the mind are more indirect and unknown.

Neurosis is different, people are haunted by the notion of- you can pull yourself together at any time. So, insisting it is illness has a different context to what people feel are issues with weight.

Of course, 'obesity' is cast along with neuroses such as; depression anxiety, eating disorders. Actually, fatness is cast as just about everything; a decision, an eating disorder, mental illness, substance ab/use, neurosis, gluttony, pleasure seeking, a sign of trauma, unhappiness, a way of exiting the sexual meat market, a physical micro aggression, a way of insulting your spouse, child abuse/rape prevention.....

Versatile ain't it?

You'd think people would be tired enough with this to just knuckle down and accept, you find out what something is by studying it, objectively. Fact gets in the way of the imagination though.

The placebo effect in neuroses can be breathtakingly effective because there is a direct relationship between your ability to think and your ability to alter the course of your own thinking. Put it this way, your mind is a self healing entity. Your whole body is. Think of cutting yourself and the way your body stems the bleed, forms a scab and if serious enough a scar, then that fades perhaps completely.

In your mind this is complicated by the trickiness of manoeuvring your mind, using your mind. You in the form of your conscious awareness, are part of the process. 

People often prefer the [promised] reliability, convenience, and depersonalized ease of a magic bullet-or the idea of and are ashamed of both. We are increasingly secular. Faith healing's a bit of a no-no.

Now this process as a whole has become a placebo for bringing about weight change, which is being crow barred into this mould.

Weight is has never yielded to this. It can't be bullied like people. Ethan Lazarus, a Colorado obesity-medicine [lol] physician;
He likened the country’s current view of obesity and its need for treatment to that of “depression back in the 1980s,” and said it would take some time to change attitudes.
You have been warned. Expect docs to be riding your fat arse to take this junk soon.

Clearly, the whole let's make people as disease official is supposed to bypass fat people's sobriety. It's of course overlooked that fat people tend to more sober than the average non-fat person.

Fat people tend to drink, drug and smoke less than those who aren't. Sorry if you're a fat drug and drink loving smoker, not meaning to leave you out. But, overall, sobriety tends to go more with higher weight.

That's one for those who've decided in their wisdom to cast fatness as 'substance abuse' I used to joke about turning fat people into slim junkies, but it seems to be on. The whole crusade is about turning fat people into slim people. With that though, you identify some real things about slim that don't appear in advice lists entitled "How to think slim"

When people stop drugging, drinking and smoking, there's a tendency to fill out.

Yes it's true there are fat junkies, and a binge-drink habit can fatten a person substantially, especially over time. And some smokers are fat.

Overall though, the relationship is thinner user, fatter sober.

There's an interesting balance at work. Fat people's overall risk of liver disease could be slightly elevated in comparison to others. Sobriety could take pressure off the liver. It seems a good idea, and is something to keep an eye on if fat people get junky.

I have never been convinced myself that weight reversal requires drugs, just a more intelligent way of seeing things and a better target. I wouldn't rule out drugs, but they'd have to be short course not long term rent seeking, that's currently the holy grail.

Like most lies, those telling them are most convinced and aim an onslaught of in person persuasion to get us on board popping pills. There will no doubt be takers for this nonsense. Neglected people desperate for positive input will submit to abuse of all kinds if it comes with the appearance of care.

And any harm done can be turned into proof of the harms of 'obesity'. I'm looking at the pushing of surgery. Just like the impact of stigma became the harm 'obesity' does.

I truly hope fat people can maintain their lack of enthusiasm for to the culture of junk. I honestly think everyone needs us to. 

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