Friday, 1 May 2015

Hunger Switch-Off

We're getting closer to the open admission that the real target of the only route to weight regulation insisted upon is HUNGER. According to that report a study has found in mouse brains-as usual-have a so called "hunger hub" where certain chemicals alight in order for its nerves to signal the need for energy intake, which is of course the point of hunger. 

The promise here is that eventually, these chemicals can be blocked from landing on this particular "hub" in order to stop people feeling their body's need for energy, that is to switch off hunger. What a wizard wheeze. Never mind that the inability to feel hunger is associated with the very sick and dying.

Is it worth saying that hunger isn't the real issue, its the body's use of energy that's the real intellectual challenge?

This whole cult with its continual focus on decay, corruption and death is very much a death dealing cult. It's often been said in FA that @besity is about the fear of death projected onto fat people, using us as a shield for societies that are losing contact with direct experience of death.

But it would seem increasingly that in its constant seeking to mimic death, these societies are actually losing touch with what life's about. If you hate fat people you hate people and if you hate fat people's lives, you wind up hating life itself.

Now there's something for you to switch off.

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