Friday, 8 May 2015

If David Katz Really Wants Children to Reverse Their Weight, He Should Find Effective Ways

Self important medical preacher, David Katz, who wishes to get doctors into every nook and cranny of your existence in order to rule you better, wishes to advance the failed strategy of calorie restriction, via the usual dumping of blame on anyone else but people like himself.

It's got to be someone else's fault, or people like himself would have to be wrong. 

How to get specifically him in the news? Coin a phrase "obliviobesity" geddit?? That's oblivion + 'obesity.'

Or parents' failure to see their own children through the eyes of weight. This says Katz, is why 'obesity'. Those parents who brand their children disease, and allow people like him to dictate their parental relationship-have children who are more likely to "try weight loss."

That means weight loss dieting, which of course has little guarantee of success. Often commitment to keep trying weight loss dieting, creates depression and other neuroses, i.e. eating disorders. You often end up with a mish-mash of them together. At times as a result of the mere threat of it and/or its regular aftermath of increased storage of energy.

After spending years in this cycle. I had to undo it all, as it had become intolerable to my nervous system. I had to restore some semblance of balance to it. Without help from the likes of him.

I was able to, because I stumbled over something that worked. Though it wasn't easy, that didn't matter, I was used to trying hard and what I was doing was restorative, so rewarding in itself. What I was doing made sense to me. I found an option that wasn't provided by the medical establishment such as himself. That was empowering in a way what he's promoting never was.

Which is another thing any parent should always take into account. 

Here hangs a lesson. Find non-invasive, non social engineering, individual ways to reverse weight that's effective not punitive. And people of all ages, from child to aged will do it, on their own, without any need for any interference from him.

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