Monday, 25 May 2015

Jamie Oliver's Food De-evolution

Committed self-aggrandizer Jamie Oliver has taken it upon himself to launch what he calls a "food revolution." What does this explosive rearrangement of tectonic plates of history consist of I hear you ask?

Insisting the G20 adopts resolutions to teach children to grow and cook fresh nutritious food at school. Well....

It used to be thus. I'm in favour of it. I was all in favour of it maintaining it, when that was stopped for the cause of making savings some decades ago.

What I will never ever support though is anything that uses and abuses people to sell anything. Anything that uses the toxic 'obesity' cult in any capacity will do without my support, even if I agree with any proposal. 

What people like Oliver don't seem to have a hope of grasping is that what he thinks of as a solution is an expression of an underlying problem. An indifference toward food but above all, a profound contempt for humanity.

We were joined in an on-line discussion by some throwing around healthy eating/child 'obesity' about the place. I explained how I felt that children should be given knowledge of how to feed themselves well for its own sake. Because that's a good thing to do in itself. Skills in general and self care in this instance, give confidence to us all, moreso in children.

I might as well have been speaking martian. It didn't compute with them. That food is a potential source of pleasure and joy in itself and that poor, along with better children are worthy of having that joy passed on, because they are inherently worth it. Indeed as an exposition of that worth.

They actually laughed at me, indicated that I was talking gibberish.

I'm not hating. I already knew this. Not everyone cares that much about whether people can take care of themselves well, or not. The reason cooking was taken out was to remove barriers in creating increased reliance on ready meals.

To create that market.

It's called "wealth creation."

So rather than bothering to overcome an indifference that those who possess it are oblivious to. I concluded, leave them to make up their own minds and find direct means reverse weight, through science.

If people like Oliver were really interested in the well being of children, they've had their chance. Teaching children to cook is not a "human right", it's just something they should expect from those there to give them guidance.

I'd say it is their human right though not to be degraded, demeaned, stripped of their humanity by those they trust implicitly, branding them with some toxic pseudo-identity of size. Certainly not in  order to provide an entry point for permanent dominance by others, or to give certain people a sense of importance they so clearly feel the lack of.

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