Friday, 19 August 2016

Behind Our Backs

Here's something for you, "Well-toned Hollywood stars tackle obesity epidemic in Philly" no pun there as far as I can tell. This concerns certain Hollywood folk hanging out in Philly to talk about the "obesity epidemic";
Along with policy makers, physicians, and health advocates, a half-dozen screen stars attended an anti-obesity luncheon in Old City Wednesday, funded by drug company Novo Nordisk.
Uh huh, using food as focal point at a gathering-how unhealthily emeaushunal. I hope its not eating disordered. Discussing your(s and my) life-funded by junk peddlers. Divine. These thoroughly respectable pushers make "an injectable medication to treat obesity".

Truly surprising given weight doesn't require "medication". Adjusting body weight up or down properly requires correct alteration of metabolic function.

I reckon it's more like adjusting your posture i.e. the set of your hips, the carriage of your shoulders, positioning of your head. The issue is not so much a 'set point' as sort of a settled point. Like with your posture. That settles into a certain countenance. This doesn't mean it was destined to be that exact way or that bits of you have to be hacked off or you drugged to alter that.

What you need is an effective approach or technique to reset/retrain aspects of or the whole of it, to unravel the way your body has settled into its default position/ing. We can see our posture in the mirror. Our interventions have a more direct influence on restoring a more vital stance.

Correcting gait by learning to "scan" our bodies internally, for sites of tension, adjusting slightly until it is eased or gone.

Not only can we slowly alter the way our bodies not only look and feel but also, the way they function. When your body is less "collapsed" downward, circulation, flexibility can improve. The efficiency of our digestion and breathing to -reducing tiredness/increasing energy.

The failure of calorie restriction does not herald any need for disease as a metaphor. It signifies diet 'n' exercise is the wrong way to adjust metabolism.

Nor is individual control an issue, any more than in the above. The real issue is the sense that something more than usual is needed. The use of our conscious mind/intent to create effects that then alter aspects of our bodies functioning.

This fundamentally challenges notions of what is within our conscious control. And that has always been a real hurdle.

But that's tough right? Because we fatz have been put in this trap to somehow achieve just that, surely.

Seeking to do things with drugs that you could do with your own mind is deemed "drug seeking" by the professionals. Us fatz are so lucky, we don't have to drug seek, the pharmacorp wish avidly to turn us on.

Isn't that nice of them?

Must be on account us being too lazy to bother with it ourselves. I think we can change or add to the meaning of 'drug seeking' to mean big pharmacopoeia and medicine desperate to get people hooked on junk, whether they like it or not. And believe me, that is the real JUNK here.

So what do they think is the point of all this gassing behind our backs?
The main point of the event, said actress Alison Pill[?] of HBO's The Newsroom, was to emphasize that obesity is a disease.
Slim people love calling stuff 'disease' don't they? So they assume we must love it too. We must have felt so left out all these years watching them doing it, stuck with the seven deadly sins diagnosis. I like the way they think they're throwing us a bone (ha), don't you? Like we get to call ourselves disease. Isn't life grand? A promotion. No longer are we gluttonous parasites, now we're "disease."

Yippee ki-yay. Lets paaaahrtay!!!

Actually not. And people like Ms Pill et al probably cannot absorb this, given we're supposedly always on the hunt for "excuses." You could say, we are highly resistant to their pathologization.

Yes, you might get some fat people to go along with this thinking that its somehow free them from abuse-that's a cheap trick-but you will also have a lot of very underwhelmed people who won't be quiet about that.

Honestly, your love affair with calling things, disease and illness for effect, is stupid and always has been.

Pill continues;
"It's an opportunity to change the narrative about what it means to be fat," Pill said. "It's not a moral failing."
As if 'disease' and 'moral failing' are opposites. Weight is neither moral failing nor disease. Goodness slim people allow themselves to get stupid on this issue.

That "changing the narrative about what it means to be fat," is going around. An attempt by those who aren't to adjust to the distance between real experience and what they seek to press on others. Heaven forfend real live fat people get to say what being fat is about, according to our experience like slimz fully expect to.

I did laugh at this though,
Physicians on a panel at the event said one effective anti-obesity tool is nutrition counseling, but they lamented that health insurers often do not pay for it.
Lol, awwwww. No money to 'treat' food deserts and genes with old rope.

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