Friday, 26 August 2016

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We're in the midst of a hot spell over here in the UK, comparatively speaking. Citizens of really hot countries would probably say- "Pish! You call this hot?" Enough yes. Temperatures have varied, but the day before yesterday seemed hotter than hot prior to it; and guess what?

Even those around me with rather robust hunger [function] found that had petered out significantly. And you know what happens then don't you? People don't eat or don't eat much.  Barely do they notice this absence half the time. If any weight loss will occur from it, they will not feel starved. They will not "battle". No plans are required. No conscious intent. No portion control. No "willpower" no "self control" no "discipline". No weight management thought-control. Nothing nada. Just, existence.

Kind of like being a slim person. But without the pretence that your size is a product of non-stop workin' nowt.

The best way to eat less is to reduce hunger function. It's not rocket science.

Not might I add, "hunger suppression", not cranking up metabolic function until it destroys your organs. I'm talking putting hunger on its standby setting. The difference between the two is like the difference in reducing your temperature, heightened or otherwise, or seeking to reduce body heat by raising your temperature so you sweat more.

Because sweating cools you down.

Though raising your temperature could sicken/kill you, so what?! It's the principle, not how principle plays out in reality, isn't it?

Contrary to reports of natural selection and evolution hugely favouring 'overeating' and weight gain in us; this is how much of a hold eating has over you.

Something you've done your whole life. Something that is fundamental to your every day existence, something you are designed to ensure is done regularly-that my friends is how much of a hold eating has over you, without hunger.

That's how 'addicty' eating/food is without hunger. That's why hunger is such powerful feeling. In its acute phases it gives off a kind of psychic, as well as physical discomfort/pain, such as we fear that distress enough to make the advanced preparations necessary to keep access to a ready energy supply.

Without hunger food can so easily become irrelevant. The speed of this is salutary. From irresistibly compelling to, fuhgedaboutit.

The latter means we would hardly be inclined to prepare for times when hunger will come, unless the distress was of a kind that created anticipatory activity. Extraordinarily clever and effective design. If you doubt, take a look at trashy tat bulimia facilitator.

Pain can be surprisingly uncompelling when its not there. But the nature of the distress of more acute hunger combined with the nature of our own mind's memory of distress is enough that we can commit to extensive preparations for the need for energy, whether we are experiencing it or not.

This is true insight into how "rewarding" eating is without the primary driver of hunger/appetite. That's:


Not emotion, not thought, not allegory pathology or narrative metaphor, repeat after me:


We gain clear insight into how easily adjustable hunger/appetite could be if that had been a proper investigation point, rather than the pointless mind block that is the 'obesity' construct. Though it should be pointed out that reduced hunger goes with reduced levels of activity.

To be sure, a rise in heat and/or light can decimate hunger.

Why and how though?

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