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Bulimia is Weight Management

As I like to asy, fat people breaking furniture is the least of the things we're breaking. Attempts to manage us-post FA-are becoming increasingly fevered. To help illustrate, did you know bulimia is a way of cheating the consequences of gluttony? That it's a "quick fix" substitute for a healthy lifestyle? That it's the easy way out? Irresponsible? That bulimics require a firm "deterrent" to prevent their reckless indulgence?

No you wouldn't. Bulimia is seen as something affecting slim people.

No any more! Thanks to the medical doctors who created the bulimia facilitator-Aspire Assist the usual requisite "sympathy" demanded is refreshingly, no more. This let's us see bulimia sans the halo of slim.

Whilst that barrier's been crashed ask yourself, is bulimia really sympathy invoking? Basically, its just people eating and purging food through various orifices, in this case through a tube passing through open wounds in the midriff and stomach, to engender weight loss or at least stability.

I wouldn't say it should invoke hate, but its hardly leaving you teary eyed is it? If it is, you're probably unable to exclude slim people from the picture. If you can, you're left with weight management ["increase calories out"] in action.

I've tried to make this point before but it gets tangled in the halo effect. There is little if any "sympathy" for bulimia, its for the person-it's ad hominem. What appears to be sympatico is merely the airing of what FA's call thin privilege. Without the poignancy of slim pain, you too can feel my usual sense of distance.

Predictably, some jokers have tried to deny this is an aide-bulimia. Just as they deny calorie restriction dieting is proto-anorexia. Resist their flummery, they know the score. This raggedy looking contraption, it looks like a really shit prototype, has been licensed by the FDA. A maximum limit of 30% of stomach contents has been declared. Its medic inventors know bulimia is triggered when purging leads to starvation or the threat of in those susceptible to it.

Generally speaking, there is bulimia-the use of purging to decrease the body's available energy and there's bulimia nervosa-when the practise becomes a compulsive, irresistible cycle. 

There is nothing wrong with calling bulimia, bulimia. Exercise bulimia is an example of why attempts to obscure what this is are thoroughly cynical.

The activities of ED activists with their continual spiel about how ED's are "complex" bio/socio/environmento/economico "illnesses" of the highest magnitude have made people unsure of saying what is. "You don't understand," they cry, "You couldn't possibly grasp the profound complexities of agony..." et al. You're just being handled.

Traditional bulimics do not wish to have this sort of 'enlightment' jeopardised by being associated with fat people thanks very much. That is the reason there's some throwing down of an increasingly tatty smoke and mirrors act.

No bother. Fat people have FA's to shrug that off and consider their interests right? It's in fat people's interests to know this though approved by medics, it is as unhinged as it is pathologically disordered.

Most real disease is spread by a combination of factors. Parliamentary acts to clean up the UK's water system helped wipe out epidemics of cholera-and other infectious disease. Environmental, political, social, psychological, economic etc., It should also give pause that being fat is creepingly described in similar weaselly cliche as ED's.

The mystique of slimz-not to be questioned only obeyed- means even those who grasp exactly what bulima is;
This is forced purging calories after eating, is it not? 
Stumble over the 'obesity' ideology lodged in their brain fugging up the lens of reality;
When many obese patients have received gastric bypass surgery, they have experienced bulimic effects due to the continuation of the same binge-eating compulsions; due to the fact that the stomach now lacks capacity to hold the same large quantity of food in so short a span of time, they find themselves involuntarily regurgitating the food. This happened so often, that the vomiting became habitual and a part of the process, thus the vicious cycle of bulimia is formed by way of medical intervention.
If you remove anyone's stomach, they're likely to vomit when they eat. A few spoonfuls is nowhere near a normal intake. That is one purpose of weight loss gastrectomy, to induce bulimia along with the cutting into anorexia. All this and more is required to make calorie restriction appear to be of any use.

You can plug the holes in a leaky boat-block response to hunger. If you cannot resist hunger, you can try throwing water out of the boat-that's bulimia. Actually, that's Aspire Assist.

It can also be noted that this scrap materials looking effort has provoked this extent of outcry because it spoils the cultivation of the usual bulimia narrative, not because it is an abuse of fat bodies. The petition against Aspire Assist started under the auspices of an eating disorders advocacy group, says with outstanding clarity;
This aspiration device legitimizes purging, encourages binging, undermines bodily autonomy, intuition around eating and fullness, and steps up fatphobia under the falsehood of 'obesity reduction.'
Wow. That is what we are missing from slim people. A small caveat; that's what calorie restriction (induced weight loss) does. It legitimizes eating pathologies, it is starvation and bingeing, it undermines autonomy-because it denies real control.

It is the insistence on that path and that path alone is why this madness of bulimia inspired weight. That path includes this hooey about how fat people need to live an imagined perfect life to achieve slimness as a side effect, that is the same rot

Its also clear that this is meant to help, by making vomit-purging more accessible. You don't even need to be bulimic to use bulimia. Do you realise that this is probably the only cal res aid/device/plan that actually says exactly what it does?

Such a lack of shame suggests the docs who came up with it recognize what calorie restriction is. It's inherently pathological and produces pathology. As well as being largely ineffectual. So again, why is everyone, along with fat people, being imprisoned in it? Why do slim people so desperately want us to be put through this mill, what is driving this messed up urge in them?

The most amusing reaction in some ways was our old chum Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. He actually spotted that a more natural reaction to bulimia; disgust, aversion, shock is an anomaly. Calling it "weight bias." Like those who bang senselessly on about "PC", he sees 'weight bias' in that light as a way to silence legitimate comment. So he's using it to try and shut down perfectly rational reactions to this outrage. Bias only in the sense that you cannot have thin privilege if you aren't thin/slim.

What a cheeky little scamp he is.

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