Thursday, 25 August 2016

Handling Hatred

The School of Life - On Being Hated

This reminds me a lot of the real issues fat people have with detaching psychologically from the purveyors of fat phobia. It's politically pertinent too. The hatred is not personal to or indicative of you, it is a tool for others to do what they want.

You simply do not have to believe those who sell 'obesity' have any interest in your well being at all. You are not responsible for their mindset. You are not responsible for leading them out of the false consciousness they've built. Your only duty is to yourself. Not because you are not your sister's/brother's keeper, but because you can only help them through helping yourself. 

You can only change them by changing yourself. That may seem hard, but it is more punishing to seek to 'persuade' them than it is to acknowledge yourself and your own experience.

People who would rather cut you, drill holes into you, seek to bend your psyche to increase your tolerance of their imposed pathologies, rather than change the way they think are not to be trusted to act in your best interests, no matter their medical, scientific or social status.

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