Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A crisis of obesiness

There is apparently, a crisis of obese persons. During this time dieting has been around. Weight loss surgery has been around, pills have been around. And yet still. The influence of the nutritionists has grown, people repeat their advice up hill and down dale.

This lack of impact might embarrass lesser souls, but the food police remain undaunted by any shame or even a sense humility reticence No matter their irrelevancy, they are fresh as daisies with their assumption of knowing the answer. Thank goodness for that, they are my inspiration in recovering from their career making shaming of fat people. Glad to be of assistance. Charity is an excellent virtue.

Warnings have been issued, you will get sick, you will die. Diktats have been asserted. Motivation has been coined, what about your children, your spouse/partner, your country even.

Psychology, psychotherapy, therapy has been tried, all to no avail. It's seems the madness of fat people is incurable and yet strangely isn't showing up displaying itself in increased numbers in mental institutions and prisons. Miraculous.

Morality has been under the microscope, fat people have been constantly on trial. Urged to confess sins that are not supposed to be in any doubt. They need to hear it, but hearing it upsets them, not hearing it upsets them, everything upsets, them.

Somehow through it all, an obesity crisis has managed to cheekily rear it's naughty head. It's impertinence is staggering really.

Unlike me.

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