Tuesday, 21 October 2008

We're just going to have to do it ourselves

As they say, if you want something done well do it yourself. Over at Lindsay's blog [babble], reading yet another time wasting attempt to engage anti FA in some kind of meaningful dialogue ends in failure.

I must say I've become more sanguine about this than ever. When I first joined FA, I yearned for debate. Real head to head butting if necessary, in a spirit of mutual respect. I've just actually laughed out loud as I'm writing this to show how utterly disillusioned I've become.

First off we've got FA itself, and people who seem to think they have to tell what FA means and exactly how you must feel about it and yourself. This is inevitable, as the are always rules, but although I'll admit, I've overdone how much debate is possible about FA; people can't even be bothered to find out what it is, even if their minds are capable of making the distinctions that need to be made to grasp it. They don't seem to get that you've spent years of your precious life, suckered into exactly that, and when you finally overcome the initial stages of pure rage, to think that you could have been so credulous for so long, that the last thing you need is more of the same from the same type of people with the same attitudes and sense that they have an innate right to tell you what and who the hell you are.

I need a break from the overly entitled of the world, who think that it is their birthright to run things, from taking up residence in my head, thanks very much. This brings me to my point, those of us in FA who are of a more critical mindset, need to either in a loose alliance or separately, examine critically every bit of FA. We have to re-learn, in my case, what I've always taken for granted in any issue of contention, that is my ability to step outside myself, and leave my ego out of it.

Right now, mostly those in FA, are the ones that can truly understand and grasp some of the ideas of FA, properly. So it is going to be up to us to step outside ourselves and be the thoughtful critics that we need, regardless of the flak it may bring.

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