Thursday, 22 October 2009

Beyond the garden wall

A "walled garden" was how a commenter described people in fat acceptance trying to think about what we've learned from our own experiences of being fat. Rather than continuing to force our minds into falsehoods that can no longer be intellectually sustained.

There comes a point where you simply need to tell the truth the best way you can and they just do not get this. Their typical frame of reference doesn't recognise this capacity in us. Or our need or even right to do so. Somehow, deviating from the path must be harming us.

Ignoring the harm that has forced many of us to stop thinking the way they want. This is not acknowledged as a possibility.

It was meant to suggest we are trying to keep ourselves away from what has been passing for "reality", because we are no longer marching in step with it as before. We are supposed to willingly volunteer to be mis-used as if that is the natural order. Trying to have discussions with the healthist/anti-obesity lobby is pretty hard work as their point of view isn't conducive to them to grasping what you are saying. They still fervently disagree with you though, you have to wonder what about?

Probably the mere fact that you are not playing the part assigned to you, even though you've already done that for years, which is routinely written off as if it didn't happen. No room for any honest experience or appraisal of the feelings and responses to what we were taught to do to ourselves.

Which seems the basic stem of intellectual reasoning, learning to think by appraising your experience at every stage. Imagine learning a subject at college that you cannot think about, you just memorize and repeat, over and over.

There was no dissent, little room for doubt or difference or even the fact that reality simply refused to comply the way it was supposed to. After having been eased to the margins anyway, I feel we've decided now to walk out. Its all become too much and we cannot continue this way. Like when you leave the religion of your family or society that is undoing everything you are, whilst there's still something left to recover.

Weight loss dieting advocates can't see beyond their credo. It's not enough for them to be enthusiastic supporters of their screed, to be enthralled and welded to it, they think, positively. They require negativity. They need someone else to represent everything they fear and detest. If not just being a fat person, then fat acceptance must serve that role. Those who preach continued mindless obedience can't even allow themselves to perceive what it means for a fat person to reconcile themselves to the real facts. To grasp it, would they sense be the end for the rule of their way.

It is their point of view that is really a walled garden. Which would be OK, if they loved their garden, felt really good about being in there and set about tending it carefully. The problem is they need 'weeds' who must be harried and harassed yet when they seek to leave to find more hospitable climes, serving both you'd think- they are ordered to stay because outside the walls, is a pure hell of degeneracy.

I doubt it.

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