Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Professional courtesy

We all seem a bit confused on this one. We as fat people are shocked to hear hateful words on fatties from medical professionals, such as nurses and the like. The thing is, that's how they go on in general.

I think they pretty much "hate" everyone in that they make derogatory comments, behind their backs, or when they think the patient is out of earshot, even under anaesthetic. Work is a place where we generally bitch about work and the people we meet.   

As for the compassion of the medical professions. There's a mix up professional courtesy with personal courtesy. It's like if I work in a shop, and you're a potential customer. I'm polite to you. It's part of acting in a professional manner, to facilitate removing as much cash from your purse/pocket as possible.

That is my job, I might warm to you, or despise you. But if I'm professional, you won't know, because I'll treat you the same. If I was to get mixed up thinking that professional courtesy is out of the goodness of my heart, then I'm being very silly.

The 'caring' of med profs is at heart a professional necessity. None should not kid themselves it's solely out of personal inclination. It's to facilitate doing their job, therefore it is not theirs to withdraw. In the same way you can't abuse your customers because you feel an overwhelming sense that they are undeserving of your professional courtesy.

Whether they are or not, isn't the point.

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