Sunday, 4 October 2009

Booga boo

I just have to pay tribute to an excellent comment made by "starling" on an, A Sarah thread over at shapely.

I would think it's good, it expresses so well and succinctly one of the things I've been trying to get at for what feels like an age. Why don't we turn the hyping up of obesity back on that cosmic joke, obesity science?

Instead of reacting and justifying ourselves, why don't we say, you think obesity is gonna kill us? All scream together;

((((SAVE US)))) ((((SAVE US )))) ((((SAVE US)))) 

I swear to goodness, that is what people would normally do if they thought they had a lurgy. Everyone else seems less shame faced and sheepish than us fatties. We can never seem to stop trying to accept whatever hoop we're asked to jump through.

We could not do much more than people have asked of us, but ask, "So why are you going to let us die?" "Are you trying to kill us?" "We don't want butchery, we want options," etc.,

Instead we waste a whole heap of time, 'proving' that we are not bad people just misunderstood or whatever. Apparently such is the bien voodoo powers of "scientific papers" that when people see we are scientifically valid, they'll stop all this willful suspension of reality, in order to go with the overwhelming power of the truth.

That's right, the overwhelming power they've ignored in order to go with an alternative vision more to their liking-that of the obesity crisis. I'm not entirely sure why this has to be. At first I was mystified. Then I supposed 'twas just our learned response to genuflect to the status quo.

There's perhaps an element of class solidarity/understanding about it. a lot of people in FA come from the same place as the people who are selling it. They speak the same language, think the same way. They're academics, a few are medical students/ professional, or of the professional classes themselves. Or aspire to be.

Although this is the case, there's little sense of equality. For instance, they do not speak of doctors etc as one insider to another, they speak as if they are somewhat supplicant. It's clear that we as fat people have been party to the construction of this cul de sac. The fantasy of being thin, is as much of a suspension of disbelief as the fantasy of the obese 'persona'.

To pretend that all ones problems will be over once one is thin, uses the same reserve of fatuous self delusion, as to pretend fat people are all of a certain type, lazy and greedy. As if other people could tell the difference! Yes you can point out lies, but the question is, why do we need to do this? Why do we need these kinds of fantasies to replace the truth?

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