Thursday, 10 February 2011

'Obesity' boondogglers

Well, I continue to flit between the weird sensation of feeling discombobulated and writing stuff that doesn't seem satisfactory in any way. Nonetheless, I had to respond to someone finally responding to the puzzle-if people are convinced they are "dying of fat" or whatever why they do not at least inquire as to what the hell obesity 'science' is intending to do to save their lives?

Or even, when they think they might get interested in studying weight/metabolism in ways that make sense.

Or better still, what is the purpose of the existence of 'obesity science'.

I certainly can't quite figure out the latter any further than-the continued perpetuation of its own existence.

Which is the imperative of all life force animal vegetable and I daresay mineral. Even ideas that get into your head seem to slide into persuading the rest of your mind to get on board with it, as long as you invest in with sufficient energy.

One of the more genuinely appalling things about the low standard fatz police themselves into and are policed into, is the seeming lack of interest in their continued survival after they insist they are mortally ill.

I don't think I've encountered a group with such a sense of cringing detachment about their own continued survival including those labelled with the stupid "slow suicide" tag, certainly they could take a leaf out of obesity science on that one. By any means necessary as the man said.

Which intrigues is do any of these people genuinely believe they are dying or are they so used to talking themselves into this feeling-for the purposes of "motivation" etc.,-that they cannot back down from it yet don't really believe it? I assume genuineness but they so don't behave like anyone else in the same position it's hard to tell.

It's like being told endlessly, yes diets do work you end up doubting what you feel has to be true because of the gawping mis match between fact and feeling.

Indeed, one wonders the exact same about the science of obesity which shows such utter lack of urgency as I've never encountered from a field that has talked up the lethal nature of the adipose cell to the extent where it can secure mucho funding, which is when seemingly all said 'urgency' peters out.

Not to mention its utter lack of vocation, intellectual curiosity or even real respect for reason perhaps even science which they seem to turn into a parody of itself. It has disgusted me to the point that I can barely stand to be in contact with it.

As 500poundpeeps states;

When I looked into this stuff, this was the late 90s, I couldn't find ONE study that had taken the severely obese over 400-500lbs and actually seriously studied them.

That is almost as appalling as weight loss butchery 'cos as everyone knows even if you have only a cursory interest in any topic, what's one of the first things you want to know? How bad can it get? What's the most, the least, the greatest, most extreme outlandish example of it

You want to know it's perimeters, where it gets better or worse, more or less because that gives you a framework,.

It is in the outliers that you can see the effects you're studying as most severe is likely to be most clear. Any 'discipline' that is not interested in that, let alone wildly disproportionately is not serious or even interested in what it's studying.

Indeed, they are way more interested in cases of fatness that are arguably pretty innocuous and fitting them up for a profile more suited to that which they ignore. Everyone needs to ask themselves;


I recently searched PubMed myself to try and assess the percentage of studies on acute obesity (and similar) relative to the subject as a whole compared to acute cases of other fields of (proper) disease and I found that the lowest percentage by far was 'acute/morbid' obesity in relation to obesity.


That they can get away with it in the climate of obesity hype is a tribute to the success of the fat shaming campaign and the sheer ubiquity of its hold on everyone's consciousness.

Even more so, they  get away with it thanks to the refusal of oh, anyone to give a damn, including those who are at the extremes and their families friends and loved ones.

It's sad that it has taken the 'crisis' to show me just how much the self esteem of those studied can affect and facilitate the study of them by others. I thought science was above that, but why should it be? Like everyone else I'm used to science presented by those who appear to be studying things without fear or favour, standing up to some relatively powerful interests-like the pro-life lobby, the whole of the general public, politicians-often with a lofty disdain. I made the error of thinking that was there default position.

I was ignoring that not all science is equal and well scientists have about as much courage as the rest of us. And sadly with some if they can  get away with taking liberties as they can and do with fatz they will, so they do. Just like any other group of people, ethics can vary substantially.

It's really disconcerting to know that you actually have to come across like you are not going to take any shit and hold them accountable, or they will let you swing, simple as.

As I've said before, metabolism must be mastered/ manipulated for many reasons, even if only to save people from the odious abomination that is weight loss surgery. But until those who feel most in need of it get mad as hell

Which shows the way folks have completely written off the professionals coming up with anything-well to be fair they keep saying it themselves! (More on that later).

It's hard to see how their happy playpen will be interrupted from here.

Well, that is apart from this.

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