Friday, 25 May 2012


The stories of *Lu Hao, Jamaya Herron and George Sargent remind us once again of the strangely hollow nature of the current worldwide 'obesity' panic.

In their differing ways, these three represent the type of people who are being most royally screwed by the lack of will beyond fixating on the high stakes before and after weight loss poker.

This for me is always has been and will forever remain one if not the greatest obscenities of the crusade, that it can mess with the lives of millions with wanton disregard, based on a premise of "weight concern", yet those most in need of attention and help have got nothing more than what has failed those who have no discernible underlying issue.
People like these are the real victims of this paucity of interest.

When we hear about 'obesity' there are plenty who have something to say, those who specialize or seek to involve themselves yet are quiet when cases like this come to the fore. Have they designed a protocol to deal with people who have to be cut out of their homes? Has the death of Jamaya prompted them to establish how fatter people can be delivered safely from burning buildings?

Why do the media not ask for or about their comments? Do they just somehow know that they've nothing to offer or are not interested? Perhaps they too don't really recognise the difference between fat people who are just fat and those who have some underlying mental and/or physical crisis. A fatty is just a fatty, no matter what is going on.

Why are they themselves so silent? Is it because their lack of anything more than shallow notions and self advancement would become all too painfully exposed?

Even way before FA it has been patently obvious that the 'obesity' industry and its recent crusade over the last 30 years or so, has little discernible interest in discovering the structure and function of human metabolic function nor to resolve real metabolic conditions.

The big giveaway for me has always been the absence of fascination with weight outliers. That is the number one rule of interest in field dealing with any aspect of the human condition, a disproportionate interest in those who display the most acute symptoms of said problem.

It's not even limited to the professionals, whenever we show interest in any condition physical mental whatever, what's one of the first things we tend to ask? How bad can it get, what's the worst it got? Because there is the feeling that the more acute the manifestation, the easier it is to see what it is and more importantly, how it functions

That is the real connection between curiosity lay and professional alike, what exactly is going on? And guess who does totally have that reflex? The media with their fixation on headless fatz of a certain size. To the extent that it is they even more than the medico's who've defined many people's idea of what 'obesity' looks like.

"We aren't talking about fat, we're talking OBESE!!!"

No silly media dupe you're talking about what would surprise you. You may even be an 'obese', or close to it, without realizing it.

Prompted by the hype of those seeking funding, the sense has been created that they must be talking about really fat folks, because no way could say Jamie Oliver, when he's at his fattest possibly represent a life threatening illness.

Incidentally, have you noticed that Prada-Willi is a syndrome yet 'obesity' is purported to be a disease?

* Compare world's tallest toddler

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