Sunday, 13 May 2012


Someone at NICE appears to have caught up with the glaring error of casting people as disease. Once you begin to see it out there flapping in the breeze in front of everyone, it's hard not to cringe.

Like, what were we thinking?

This is what happens when everyone operates with the same one track mind and none can run a critical eye over it. Nor ask anyone who can to do so. Wait, what am I talking about? How you want human biology to function is incompatible with how it actually does if they deviate from one another. To adopt and continue the former, you have to defend against the latter that is the point you are investing in delusion. You are suspending your knowledge or potential knowledge of reality.

The very definition of the much misused "echo chamber".

Leaving aside the favoured fancy of returning common civility as a super human trial because we've decided to be rude to affect your "behaviour";
Nice officials concluded that while the term [obesity] was fine for health professionals to use among themselves, they should handle it with care in public.
We have lift off. If 'obese' is interchangeable with "fat" its hard to see the need to bandy it about with such abandon. It's clear that it's only being used for effect. To control the way everyone perceives people in the hands of the 'obese' wallahs.

An attempt to click  ((((panic))))) mode and ballast it by invoking Latin for a more sciency feel; yes.

There's also the usual conscience salving of trying to disconnect yourself from the fact that you are talking about people. Imagine that, an initiative which requires you to dehumanize others in order for you to be able to stand its inherent ethical failings. That's amusing when we are implored coldly to "toughen up" under its glare, the people dealing it aren't "tough" enough for it!

This again shows at the heart of the crusade is a knowledge of its wrong doing with a fiercer desire not to be stopped by that.What are we expected to make of a crusade that doesn't have the courage of it's conviction? It doesn't have any. 

Taking an impulse of those among the influential who are so slender that they consider even the merely slim to be "fat", compared with them, as the dominant view through which everyone must look. Not because it makes sense to everyone, more due to you being able to spread it on the back of said influence.

More than slender seems "overweight" including people who look slim let alone plump to the rest of the world. It's a case of anything more than me is oh my gosh if that fat was on me it would be like a disease mushrooming or should I say "ballooning" all over me, suffocating me, it would be so like zomg horrific.

Oh wait this is so obvious, shall we have a grown up discussion about size and all our fears with a view to discharging them? Nah. As 'science' is seen as the personal playground of certain classes, those among them who feel this way can memorialize their prissy fearful reactions in 'obesity'. So  nobody can forget for one minute that this is how they react to others who are fatter.

It can't be gotten over and we don't want to call attention to its irrationality.

This can only have gotten this far apart from the capacity of influence because fat/ter people also have mixed feelings about slender types.

There seems to be some feelings of guilt that our physical presence can intimidate. We feel the need to prove we are not out to "crush" or abuse others. We aren't scary honest we are nice, we are friendly bear no ill will nor wish to bend them to our will or bully and push others around.

We'll protect you, thinnikins! Like your big sis/bro!

Okay, but we've really heard enough from this. Far be it from me to get in the way of anyone and their much cherished reactions to others, but some of us have no interest in defining ourselves by it. Because you know what? Hang on to your hats, we too have reactions, feelings, thoughts to our own experience that are just as real and fascinating (almost) to us and often they'd serve as far better ways to define the reality of existence.

There are insider terms groups of people coin for others that should never become the way those people are forced to define themselves, unless they choose to. More than the names is the basis of understanding/ beliefs and interpretations defining them.

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