Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The casting of fat people in the cult of 'obesity' is as those who are intrinsically untrustworthy. This is itself an evasive assumption, if you believe energy restriction is the viable route to slimness you just can't trust fat people regardless of how you try to rationalize that.

Yet I note those on the receiving end of this comprehensive erm...... failure of strategy are expected to trust 'obesity' wallahs to represent the facts in a fair balanced and nuanced way. To know what they're doing, even though it's obvious they do not. It's as if we are supposed to pretend to trust in their office no matter how useless they actually are.

How nice, how very cosy and comfy; for them.

Where's the love for fatz though? Even if we were in the wrong where's the unconditional trust they expect for themselves, for us? Where's our assumption of good will?

What is really takes the biscuit is the lack of acknowledgement of their own failings, ever for those who never seem to be able to do anything but find endless fault with fatz, our health, our mental state, our ethics, our intelligence and so on.

This is remarkably piss poor of them.

One can criticise someone who's harsh, less so if they apply the same standards to themselves. 'Obesity' wallahs wouldn't and wisely so, because they know they'd sink under the pressure and that would be a pointless waste of their lives.

This chasm between their fault finding combined with a personal need to be stroked and soft soaped makes them lack moral accountability. Which is why their instructions are often so stiff and ridiculous, they don't have a clue as to what they're inflicting on others because they live in a bubble. I'm sure they think they don't. Professional competition and scrutiny. Having to strain really really hard to do good research etc.,

But how much harder would that be if they were permanently on trial with hostility from all sides, even those who'll usually put the case for almost anyone?

Those who insist on denying what we can all see- fatness has not been extinguished through the cult of dieting and exercise- must be trusted despite their own admission of their failure when they scream tirelessly about the 'obesity epidemic'.

Without any acknowledgement that this is their fail and it is indescribably epic.  

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