Thursday, 10 May 2012

I plea for nought

A good old fashioned plea for civility is fine and dandy, but somewhat inappropriate when it comes to the question of fat people. First off, fat people are perfectly civil in general towards slim people. I do not go around saying calling slimz wizened, eaten up, diseased, immoral, burdens on my fat back.

And its not because I have "sympathy" for them.

I don't insist they are sexless, ugly, strangely underdeveloped, nondescript folks who routinely insult my eyes, but not because I'm straining every pore.

I don't because I don't feel like it. I do not cultivate these feelings, then pretend they are "natural" to me. I've noticed that I am fat. I have noticed that not every body else is. I feel more fascinated and intrigued by the uniqueness of the human form. I do not define other body types or sizes as a failure to be my own.

I'd be embarrassed.

Even when other bodies shock or surprise me, catches me off guard. I do not seek to get my response as hyper-sensitized as I can manage as if is the pinnacle of an aesthetic sensibility, then insist that my targets are causing me pain. That would make me look like an idiot.

I would be aware that I was doing all this and blaming it on others. It would not feel real and that falseness would haunt me. I have more respect for my own mind, than to cultivate violent loathing of others for its own sake.

There are plenty of people who trigger genuine loathing, because of the way they actually behave. I try to reserve any "natural" loathing for them, to ensure there's enough left in the tank for all the assorted thieves and brigands currently tanking whole economies, for fun.

I do not require any "sympathy" from those currently engaged in the sport of fat hating. I do not require them to go out of their way to placate me, to euphemize me, to pussy foot around me. I require no special favours, nor to be stroked or coddled, I require nothing more than the common courtesy I extend to them, unless reason is given for me not to.

The trouble with fat hating is it's ugliness, stupidity and low standard has become normalized as acceptable for fat people. Therefore any deviance from that, is seen as a very great deal indeed and much harrumphing and tutting ensues. It is not the slightest bit convincing to those of us who know how to behave.

We insist our standards are matched, if they aren't that should be made clear at all times.

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