Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Political Correctness

Who hasn't at some point thought, if only people would relent just a tad with the PC, identity politics get off the defensive and just see pee-paul. Remember our similarities are greater than our differences and so on.

Oh the power of memes to capture people's sly mental asides. It's the others who are too defensive we want just-ace.

Well guess who personifies that "rational" reasonable attitude, amenable to contemplating the possibility of your own imperfection? Why yes you've it, fat people.

In absence the absence of those willing to staple down their defences in the face of hostility, leaving them to wither on the vine. Many indulge the fancy that, if only we could just settle down a tad and stop "fighting" we could have a free exchange of ideas, no quarter taken nor given.

An exciting roust about joust about with a waterfall of ideas crashing against each other, leaving only the strongest forged in that ecstasy of ideas; left standing.


Has it produced an explosion of positive energy, understanding, progress? Not quite.

Turns out, defence = self respect. I'm not talking the looking up to an elder of the clan with reverence type respect. I mean, I will never abandon myself even if I'm wrong type. The type were the grown up child turns out to be a major league criminal and ma and pa exclaim;

S/he's still ours! S/he's still our flesh.

That kind.

Turns out people are like "Don't you have any respect?" they mean, defence. Because when you will defend yourself when no one else will, even the hostile know they don't perhaps even can't own you. Well, at least there's doubt.

We were doing our best, being honourable rational, reasonable. We were open handed, open hearted and didn't want to be any trouble.

And now the fantasy of being fat shadow is more real than we are.

Let that be a lesson to us all.

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